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Jim LaVere - Director of Information Technology

Director of Information Technology
Mr. James LaVere

Specializing in: Leadership, Educational Technology,
Planning & Oversight of IT

Jordan Seymour - Computer Systems Assitant

Technical Systems Assistant
Mr. Jordan Seymour

Specializing in: Student & Staff Device Support & Repair, Technical & Event Support

Robert Kay - Network Systems Manager

Network Systems Manager
Mr. Robert Kay

Specializing in: Network & Related Systems Administration, Telecommunications & Technical Support

From the Director's Desk

The landscape of education has changed over the past several decades. With the advent of digital technology being gradually introduced into education, until taking a central role. The constraints of teaching and learning were lifted, affording learning opportunities that were not possible before. In recent years, technology has become both the medium and modality of how we communicate, socialize and collaborate on a global level. Never before have educators leveraged devices and software services in such a manner, that ultimately redefined education as we know it.

The students of the 21st century view education differently than students who preceded them. School work and class discussions take on new meaning as they are delivered in both synchronous and asynchronous formats. Educators are not only content experts, but showcase best practices through their use of technology for research and pedagogical applications. Students then begin to develop a pattern of lifelong learning that ultimately enriches our culture and society.  Thus, the continuum of learning is then achieved, sustaining a pattern of perpetual desire for knowledge.

The Lowville Academy Central School has long been viewed as a school of excellence. Simply providing learning devices and a strong infrastructure is not enough to create, foster and sustain a responsive and innovative learning environment. By leveraging technical and instructional support resources, staff are equipped to create technology-rich learning environments and reinforce intentional, meaningful opportunities for teaching. With a discerning eye on pedagogy and embedded technology practices, students at the Lowville Academy and Central School are exposed to a wide range of learning opportunities that equip them to be successful in the future.

The LACS IT team provides a wealth of professional support services to empower all district stakeholders. Our team strives to provide the latest devices to ensure all faculty and students have the tools and support they need to be successful. From technical, instructional, and administrative aspects, each team member leads from those roles to positively impact and improve the learning opportunities for students. My team and I aim to provide the leadership, tools and support to help you be successful!

As a technology leader, my three tenets of service & support are:

  • Make sure our service & support requestor is heard.
  • Ensure the requestor feels valued.
  • Provide consistent and comprehensive follow up with each request.




James LaVere

Director of Information Technology
Lowville Academy Central School