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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Lowville Academy Central School

At LACS, we create and sustain a safe, nurturing and engaging learning environment that is responsive to the learning needs of all students.

Students should all feel welcomed and supported. (Diversity)

  • Diversity means a wide range of human qualities and attributes
  • Diversity is an educational and social asset for ALL
  • Respecting diversity helps us meet the physical, social and emotional needs of ALL

All students will have opportunities to succeed. (Equity)

  • Equity means fair treatment and opportunity for ALL
  • Equity is fair access to programs, classes and needed supports
  • Equity prepares ALL students to be actively engaged citizens

All cultures, languages and experiences. (Inclusion)

  • Inclusion means recognizing, understanding and accepting ALL
  • Inclusion teaches and models respect for ALL
  • Inclusion makes ALL feel safe, supported and valued


LACS DEI Policy Statement - TBA

LACS DEI Call To Action - TBA