Mrs. Rebecca Dunckel-King
Superintendent of Schools
7668 State Street
Lowville, NY  13367
Letter from the Superintendent
Dear Parents and Community Members,

Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends throughout the Lowville Academy and Central School District!  During this time of the year our buildings are
used almost non-stop by our athletic teams participating in practices and competitions, our musicians performing concerts and practicing for the High
School Musical and students of all ages taking part in Odyssey of the Mind practices.  We also have other clubs and teams from within our district and our
community using the spaces throughout the buildings. 

Lowville Academy is more than happy to provide a place for people to gather because we know that in that gathering, we find community and a place where
we all belong.  Our faculty, staff, and students truly appreciate your presence and support.  We invite you to any and all of our winter events!

As we move into 2020, I want to make clear my gratitude to all of you for supporting your children and working in partnership with us as we remain focused
on our goal of providing the best authentic learning experiences for each of our students.  We are so proud of our students and how they perform in and out
of the classroom!

Parent Advisory Committee on Safety:
As a district, we take the safety of our students, faculty and staff very seriously.  We work to establish and maintain a culture of inclusivity and belonging.  If
any parent is interested in sitting on an advisory committee to the district on issues and efforts regarding student safety, please contact the district office. 
This committee of parents, teachers, and administrators meets quarterly to discuss current safety issues facing families and schools.  There is no limit on
the number of participants. 


Rebecca Dunckel-King
Superintendent of Schools

Financial Outlook and Budget Design

As many of you are aware, Lowville Academy has been a partner in a Wind Turbine PILOT agreement since 183 wind turbines were constructed within our
district boundaries during the 2005-2006 school year.  While district residents have enjoyed an offset to the tax levy for almost 14 years, it is now time to
prepare for a reduction in PILOT revenue and an increase in our tax levy.

In order to make this financial transition, a multi-pronged approach will be necessary. 
The district will work to reduce expenditures in all areas
Carefully use fund balance and
Responsibly raise taxes over the next few years 

It is important for everyone to remember that the past thirteen years of receiving PILOT revenues from the windmill project has been a huge blessing to the
taxpayers of this District.  Not considering anything but the historical average increase in the tax levy for the 10 years prior to beginning of the PILOT of 4%
each year and adjusting to just a 2% increase after the tax cap law took effect in 2012-13, we projected what the tax levy would have been without the
PILOT revenues.  The following chart compares the actual tax levy from 2006-07 through 2019-20 and the hypothetical levy that has been projected.  The
total cumulative savings to taxpayers is estimated to be $19,756,861, while a homeowner with a home valued at $100,000 would have saved approximately
$3,894 over this period of time. 

The Board of Education met to set their annual goals as well as to review the District’s long range financial plan in early November.  They will continue to
meet in the upcoming months to find ways to reduce spending while being mindful of the programmatic effects to our students.  It is important to continue
our tradition of strong academic programming and we will make it a priority to maintain the excellent program that is provided to the students at Lowville
Enter to Learn... Go Forth To Serve
Lowville Academy
and Central School