Lowville Central School will conduct a regional Summer School for area students from July 5, 2018 through
August 17, 2018.  The courses will be offered in two blocks of three weeks each.  Courses are only offered in the morning, unless otherwise noted.  The course schedule is as follows: 

Six Week Course (July 5 - August 17)
•Driver Education
oClass Lecture 1.5 Hours
oWheel Class 1.5 Hours
o32 Sessions by State Law

Three Week Courses

Block 1 (July 5 - July 25)
•Grade 5 & 6 Program (LACS Students Only)
•English 9 & 10
•Global Studies 9

Block 2 (July 26 - August 15)
•Grade 7 & 8 Program (LACS Students Only)
•Algebra NR / Non Regents
•Algebra I (Regents)
•Geometry (Regents)
•Algebra II (Regents) - Afternoon class, LACS students only at this time
•Global Studies 10 (Regents)
•U.S. History (Regents)
•Economics - LACS students only at this time
•Participation in Government - Afternoon class and LACS students only at this time
•Earth Science (Regents) - Mandatory Lab Practical will be held on Wednesday, August 15th 
•English 11 (Regents)
•English 12

July 5 Block 1 Classes and Driver Education Begins
July 25 Local Exams for Block 1 Courses
July 26 Block 2 Courses Begin
August 15Block 2 Courses End
August 16 Regents Examinations
August 17Regents Examinations
August 17Driver Education Course Completed


Summer School Registration packets will be available on Friday, June 1, 2018.  All students need to register by Tuesday, June 26th, if possible.  Student caps in certain classes apply, so timely registration is important.  All courses require that attendance standards are met to qualify for final exams and, ultimately, credit.  All students must present valid identification on the first day of class. If you have any questions, please call the school at (315) 376-9117.  Mr. Hanselman will serve as Regional Summer School Principal and is on hand to help parents and students register for the appropriate class, scheduling and related questions.

Summer School Registration Information

Lowville Academy students may register in the High School Guidance Office starting June 1st.  All other students must register with approval from their home High School Principal or Counselor.  The Principal or Counselor will forward the completed registration forms along with the tuition fee to: Lowville Academy Summer School Principal, c/o Lowville Academy and Central School, 7668 North State Street, Lowville, NY 13367.  Please make checks or money orders payable to Lowville Central School District.   All registration forms and fees are to be in to the Lowville Academy Summer School Office by Tuesday, June 26, 2018.  All students must present valid identification on the first day of class.  For further information, students can contact their school Guidance Office or the Lowville Summer School Coordinator at (315) 376-9117.           


Registration for classes is free to all Lowville Academy students.  All non-resident students (those living outside the Lowville District) will be charged the following tuition: $100.00 per academic course and $175.00 for Driver Education only.  Payment is due at time of registration.  Please note priority for registration placement may be given to Lowville Academy students.  No refunds will be given after the first day of summer school classes unless a class is canceled due to insufficient enrollment or other extraordinary circumstances.

Regents Examinations

August Regents Examinations will be held at Lowville Academy on August 16th and 17th.  Lowville Academy and area students may register for the August Regents Exams by contacting the Summer School/Guidance Office by Monday, July 9th.  The cost of a “walk-in” exam (students not taking a corresponding course) will be a fee of $5.00 per exam for Lowville Academy students and $25.00 per exam for non-resident students.  Payment is due at time of registration.  All students must present valid identification before their exams. The Regents Exam Schedule is as follows:

Thursday, August 16th - AM  Exams
Algebra I
English Language Arts
Physical Setting / Chemistry
RCT in Writing

Thursday, August 16th - PM  Exams
Global History and Geography (Transition Exam)
Algebra II
RCT in Science
RCT in U.S. History and Government

Friday, August 17th - AM  Exams
U.S. History and Government
Physical Setting / Earth Science (Mandatory Lab
                                                      Pract. 8/15/18)
RCT in Global Studies
RCT in Mathematics

Friday, August 17th - PM  Exams
Living Environment / Biology
RCT in Reading

Payment for Regents Exams is due at time of registration.


Lowville Academy will provide transportation this summer for any LACS students who can benefit from this service.  Any LACS student that meets Board of Education Transportation Requirements is eligible for bus transportation.  To ensure you have bus transportation on the first day of class, you must contact the Summer School Office at (315) 376-9117 by Monday, June 25th.  Students from other school districts should contact their home school guidance office for information on their bus services.

Summer School Attendance Dates

Lowville Academy Summer School will meet according to the dates listed earlier in this article for the block of their choice.  Please note that because of the three-week time span, it is not possible to miss any days of instruction for credit bearing course work.  Families need to schedule vacations accordingly.  It will not be possible to meet every student's academic needs in this short block format unless the student is present each day. 

If you are planning to Audit a course, you will need to meet with Summer School Principal, Mr. Hanselman, before registering.   Please note, preferences will be given to students who need the course credit.  Also, we will not exceed class size for students wishing to audit the class.

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