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Welcome to the
Lowville Middle School
Dear Parents, Students and Community Members:
In a few short days we will begin the 2019-2020 school year.  The first day of school for students is slated for Wednesday, September 4. While the beginning of the school year brings excitement and a chance for a fresh start, it can also create anxiety and stress to come back from vacation to routines and academic expectations.  The first few days and weeks are an adjustment period.  Students are given time and support to familiarize themselves with their schedules, classes, lockers, staff members and expectations.  Please know that we will do all that we can so that your child has a successful transition to the new school year. 
Middle school is a critical time in the academic and emotional development of our students.  We strive to create partnerships with parents.  I am looking forward to a very positive and productive year working together.  As parents, please support your child at home and at school by reinforcing our academic, behavioral, and attendance expectations, by providing a structured environment for your child to complete their homework, and by attending school functions and events throughout the year.  Parent involvement plays a critical role and we value parental support and participation.  Parents, please take time before the school year begins to talk with your child about the upcoming school year and to set goals for a successful school year.  Reflect with your child on past school experiences and develop a plan for future success so that you can help ensure a positive experience for your child this fall.
As we head in to the new school year please keep in mind the following district protocol.  Concerns or questions about your child’s educational progress should first be directed to the classroom teacher. If you wish further information following this conversation, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the issue. If the question has not been resolved or the issue has not been adequately addressed after these steps, a call to the District Office may be needed. Please call the Middle School Office at 376-9010 if you do not know where to direct your question.
This year we will continue the theme Act with Respect Always. We hope that this simple idea can be reinforced and focused on in all aspects of our students’ lives, both in and out of school.  Please do your best to encourage respectful behavior and interactions so that all of our students can enjoy a positive and supportive learning environment at LACS.  Our Middle School Statement of Beliefs illustrates our expectations and can be used as a guide for students to act with respect always:

Thank you for your partnership and support, I look forward to working with you this fall.  Best wishes for a successful 2019-2020 school year!


Scott D. Exford                                                                          
Middle School Principal

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From the Counselor’s Desk…

Welcome to the start of the 2019-2020 school year!  I look forward to seeing the halls clamoring with students - they are what it is all about.  As much as some grumble about returning to the routine of practices and homework I believe they ultimately thrive when they have regular responsibilities and expectations.  Most of middle school age students continue to need us, the adults, to check in on their progress and assist with managing the organization of it all.  I encourage all of you, myself included, to start and end each day with few basic discussion questions - What do you need to be ready for the day?  What do you need to be ready for tomorrow?  This should prompt students to recall the need for instruments, PE clothes, assignments and other such necessities that will increase their chances of having a successful day.  At the end of the day - this question reminds students to charge their Chromebooks, to get permission slips completed and to find their uniforms.  Ultimately it is training them to think ahead - to anticipate and to be proactive in managing their days.

I came across the quote below while scrolling through Facebook.  After I saved it and read it over numerous times I knew I wanted to share it.  I just kept thinking that it defines what we ultimately strive for in education.  Whether or not all academic coursework is mastered we shouldn’t stop learning.  As humans we are continually growing and evolving - physically, emotionally and mentally - as individuals and as part of a community/society.  Use these statements to create dialogue with your child - “What have you learned that you could teach others?”  “When you made that mistake how did you try to fix it?”  “Who do you ask for help from when you don’t understand?”  These discussions are about teaching them to look at the big picture of life and to become good humans.

10 Lessons I Want to Instill in My Kids

If you made a mistake, apologize.
If you’re thankful, show it.
If you’re confused, ask questions.
If you learn something, teach others.
If you are stuck, ask for help.
If you’re wrong, fess up.
If you love someone, tell them.
If you trip, get back up.
If someone needs help, help them.
If you see wrong, take a stance.
(Raising Teens Today)

Welcome back students and families of Lowville Middle School.  I look forward to working with you!  Please contact me any time (315) 376-9010 or <> should you have anything you’d like to discuss.

~ Ms. Becky Tiffany~                                                     Middle School Counselor

2018-2019 Quarter 4
Academic All-Stars

High Honor Roll

Grade 6

Kyleigh Bartlett, Isabella Bergen, Jack Beyer, Landon Brennan, Rielly Brennan, Ava Burns, Mason           Cobb, Lydia DeGeorge, Michael Fayle, Henry Goss, Eli Gronowski, Ethan        Higby, Cody Kempney, Anna King, Lilly Lacey, Maya Laribee, Brenna Law, Katherine Macaulay, Deken Makuch, Skylar Manning, Nicholas Martin, Peyton Matuszczak, James McCollum, Thomas McCue, Saige McIntosh, Julia Morrow, Tai Nortz, Charlee Pike, Dudley Rombough, Delaney Rose, Simeon Rush, Zoe Shinnick, Trey Smith, Alyssa Stalker, Lucas Suiter, Dominic Swiernik, Ariana Thomas, Brian Thomas, Abrianna Turck, Jenna Weiler.

Grade 7

Katelynn Baker, Anna Dening, Haydn Draper, Carli Freeman, Annabella LaPuma, Emilie Lehmann, Connor McCormick, Ayden Meleshchuk, Haylee Munger, Jerika Myers, Avery Pate, Sarah Peebles, Catherine Peer, Jack Rowsam, Kally Runner, Julianne Russel, Taci Smith, Brook Ward, Brooke Widrick, Rubi Zabielowicz.

Grade 8

Abigael Beagle, Delaney Bergen, Kaylee Bice, Brody Brown, Collyn Bush, Jayden Cantrell, Peyton Cole, Alex Dunckel, Ireland Earl, Anna Exford, David Fayle, Nicholas Hetzner, Colin Kempney, Olivia King, Isabella Krop, Shelby Law, Jada Lee, Harmony Maine, Landen Moshier, Dalton Myers, Ryan Myers, Drew Ortlieb, Mackenzie Ples, Brandon Sauer, Tayden Simpson, Taylor Stalker, Nathan Widrick.

Honor Roll

Grade 6

Aiden Capron, Jonathan Clover, Wyatt Cornell, Carlee Davis, Amalia Delgado, Abby Drelick, Lis Dunckel, Lillian Exford, Brent Fayle, Kaydalyn Fowler, Leona Gohlert, Amariah Green, Tyler Gyore, Lucas Hall, Aryanna Hartley, Quinn Hoppel, Alannah Ingersoll, Hayli Kafline, Curtis Kimball, Devin Mahoney, Levi Mariano-Brockway, Adyson McFaul, Zane Metzler, Landon Monnat, Wyatt Phelps, Mason Pickel, Brooklynn Pinkham, Jevin Ray, Shayla Rowsam, Lexi Snowden, Olivia Stewart, Jasmin Turck, Chloe Zehr.

Grade 7

Kendyl Allen, Stephanie Beyer, Alexa Brouty, Luke Brower, Aiiden Cisco, Dominick DeGuardia, Denali Dietrich, Paige Feisthamel, Macy Fowler, Samantha Freeman, Elijah Hall, Andrew Hulbert, Ryder Jantzi, Sean Kelly, Lathan Kilbourn, Landon Learned, Alyvia Millard, Caden Miller, Mikayla Nicol, Taylor Nortz, Keegan O'Brien, Mackenzie Paasch, Tracy Snyder, Jakayla Spence, Keira Watson, Logan Watson.

Grade 8

Lydia Boucher, Lilian Clark, Michael Crouse, Alexandra Dosztan, Tucker Earl, Anthony Garito, Samuel Gillette, Audrey Jones, Cole Jones, Merric Laribee, Tanner Millard, Abbigayle Nickles, Jacob Rupert, Kaden Thompsen, Geran Zehr.

Merit Roll

Grade 6

Jordan Albertson, Alexis Allen, Bailey Bowers, Kiera Krop, Cameron Lee, Andrew Lyndaker, Chase Nakano, Haylee Paap, Haley Palmer, Brittany Roberts, Marissa Seymour, Logan Yarina.

Grade 7

Alex Farney, Justin Feisthamel, Aarylin Fuller, Phoebe Hutchins, Kaylee Kloster, Lane Lovenduski, Danika Moshier, Hannah Moshier, Taylor Newton, Garrett Phelps, Allison Rozanski, Collin Schrag, Luke Snyder, Rorrie Stogsdill, Breann Sullivan, Derek Virkler, Benjamin Webert.

Grade 8

Kaylynn Barber, Ashton Capron, Noah Comet, Kailee DeGeorge, Trevor Lawton, Rebecca Marra, Elora Moore, Cade Olmstead, Jonathan Stacy.
2018-2019 Perfect Attendance
Congratulations to the following students for achieving perfect attendance for the entire 2018-2019 school year.

Grade 6

Bailey Bowers,  Ava Burns,  Lydia DeGeorge,  Lillian Exford,  Michael Fayle,  David Hosler II,  Cody Kempney,  Deken Makuch,  Nicholas Martin,  Julia Morrow,  Chase Nakano,  Haley Palmer,  Wyatt Phelps,  Dudley Rombough,  Jayden Smith,  Jostein Stiansen,  Dominic Swiernik,  Brian Thomas,  Chase Zubrzycki.

Grade 7

Kendyl Allen,  Katelynn Baker,  Alexa Brouty,  Dominick DeGuardia,  Samantha Freeman,  Annabella LaPuma,  Landon Learned,  Hannah Moshier,  Morrigan Mullis,  Catherine Peer,  Garrett Phelps,  Melody Roggie,  Collin Schrag,  Derek Virkler.

Grade 8

Abigael Beagle,  Sarah Brandal,  Noah Comet,  Quinn Cummings,  Anna Exford,  Kaylee Fahey,  David Fayle,  Jonah Flansburg,  Anthony Garito,  Jolene Hall,  Colin Kempney,  Jada Lee,  Elora Moore,  Brandon Sauer,  Tayden Simpson,  Taylor Stalker,  Josiah Weaver,  Nathan Widrick.

Engaged in Learning

Students in the Middle School KIDS program visited Wonder Works in Syracuse this past May.  They engaged in hands on activities to learn more about physics, biology and outer space. There were exhibits and activities where they put their brains to the test, experienced hurricane force winds, and stepped out a tune on a giant keyboard as they completed a scavenger hunt. Some students dared to lay on a bed of nails, trained like an astronaut, or peddled their way to the ceiling!

199th Lewis County Fair
Spelling Bee

Five schools competed at the Lewis County Fair Spelling bee on July 19.  Twelve spellers in grades 5 & 6 took the stage with Lowville 6th grader, Lillian Exford taking 2nd place.  There were eight contestants for grades 7 & 8.  Three Lowville 8th graders placed:  Annabella LaPuma took 2nd place with Stephanie Beyer taking 3rd and Olivia King taking 4th

All contestants received ribbons, certificates and books courtesy of the Lewis County Agricultural Society, along with monetary prizes.

Congratulations to all of our students that competed!

Young Writer’s Contest

8th Grader, Colin Kempney, was one of 87 middle school applicants for the Northern New York Community Foundation Spirit Youth Giving Challenge Grant.  Colin’s essay about the importance of the Make-A-Wish Foundation was one of 20 selected by the Foundation to receive an award.  That award was a $500 grant to the applicant’s charity of choice, which was the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

MS Open House Scheduled for
Tuesday, September 17

Parents and guardians are invited to an Open House at Lowville Middle School on Tuesday, September 17.  The program will begin at 7:00 p.m. and conclude at approximately 8:30 p.m.  Teachers and students will be your hosts for the evening.
Parents should report to their child’s homeroom to pick up a copy of their schedule and then stop in to visit with their child’s teachers throughout the evening.  Each teacher that a family visits will highlight their class on your child’s schedule.  If your child gets five (5) highlights they can place their schedule sheet in their grade level box outside of the Middle School Office for a chance to win a $10 Gift Certificate to the Lowville Town Hall Theater (one per grade level will be awarded).  Look for more information in September on this annual event.

MS Musical Tryouts in September

Tryouts for the Middle School Musical will begin in early September.  This year’s musical is “Annie, Jr.” In the past we have been able to work around the schedules of our student-athletes to allow them to participate in the musical as well as interscholastic athletics.  If your child has a talent or an interest in music or the arts, please encourage him/her to participate!

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