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Dear Students, Parents and Community Members:

Please accept my sincere thanks to all who were able to take part in our parent conferences in November.  We work to keep the lines of communication open with parents in different ways throughout the year, and having an opportunity during parent conferences for a face-to-face conversation is an invaluable experience that helps to establish a greater connection between home and school.  I hope you enjoyed the opportunity to meet with our staff!

With the holiday season right around the corner, I want to remind parents and our community members about a special program that has been established at Lowville Middle School.  Work is currently underway for our annual Christmas Extravaganza, which will be held during the school day on Thursday, December 22.  The Extravaganza is the culmination of months of hard work by our staff and students to raise money and food items for local families in need.  Throughout the past years, several thousand dollars has been raised for local families and thousands of canned goods have been donated to the local food pantry.  The Extravaganza itself will showcase the talents of our students and staff and will be a celebration of their months of dedication in serving the needs of our community.  This annual festivity is enjoyed by students and staff alike. Seeing the outpouring of support for our local community reminds me of how lucky I am to work with such a caring group of students and staff. 

As always, thank you for your continued support of Lowville Middle School and if you have a concern of any nature, please call, e-mail or simply stop by the school anytime.  Have a great holiday season and enjoy time with family and friends.

Scott D. Exford
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Principal: Mr. Scott Exford
7668 North State Street
Lowville, NY  13367
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From The Counselor’s Desk…

Career Exploration

During Technology 7 classes, Mr. Gleason and I help students create their Career and Development Portfolios.  Students add to their portfolios each year until they graduate.  In 7th grade, students are guided through activities to help them understand how they learn best and also to explore careers that involve the leisure activities they enjoy now.  We urge students to imagine getting paid for doing what they like to do!  I also talk with the 8th grade students about future possibilities.  We break down the cost of living and the value of pursuing higher education.  We also discuss the importance of having a strong work ethic.  I challenge students to think about how they want to live and what is important to them.

Helping Our Kids

I am sure Google and Webster have a more specific definition for anxiousness - but essentially it is that uncomfortable feeling that is experienced when we are uncertain of an outcome.  For some students, it’s that moment on the first day of school when they realize their best friends aren’t in classes or lunch with them.  Many feel it when they get a grade lower than they are accustomed to or a lunch detention for mistakenly not following a procedure.  Others are anxious when they find themselves having to study more or organize differently in order to maintain the grades they are striving for.

Anxiousness can also be seen when our kids express that they “hate school and aren’t going back,” or when they claim they are “stupid or that the teacher dislikes them” or even when they express that “no one will sit with them” or that “everyone is talking about them.”  As a parent trying to navigate these moods, it can be worrisome or even downright scary.  No one wants to see their child upset and often our initial reaction is to do or say whatever is necessary to stop the tears and help our child feel better.

The catch is that the more issues we resolve for children, the more we actually reinforce their anxiousness rather than allow students to experience it, manage it, and work through it on their own...thus gaining independence and self-confidence.

Clark Goldstein, PhD, shares a few tips in his article “What to Do (and Not Do) when Children are Anxious: How to respect feelings without empowering fears.”

The goal isn’t to eliminate anxiety, but to help a child manage it.  Learning to tolerate anxious feelings and function as well as possible will eventually reduce the anxiety.  Try not to avoid things just because they make a child anxious.  Instead try talking them calmly through the situation or, if they are older, just listen and reassure them that they can handle whatever it is that seems impossible.
Think things through with them.  Play a game of “what if…”  As in - “What if you fail the test tomorrow?” or “What if there isn’t room for you at the lunch table you like to sit at?” Brainstorm with them all the possible consequences - real and imaginary.  The goal is for them to realize they can handle whatever the outcome may be.
Express positive but realistic expectations.  You can’t promise they will never fail a test or that someone won’t laugh at them or say something mean.  You can, however, help them recognize the difference between a big problem and small problem, or a real worry and a perceived one.
Don’t ask leading questions.  Instead of, “Are you worried about the test?” or “Are you nervous about lunch tomorrow?” try “How are you feeling about the test?” or “What is your plan for managing lunch tomorrow?”
Respect their feelings, but don’t empower them.  Just because you understand how they feel doesn’t mean you have to agree.  Phrases like “I can see why you are upset or nervous, I am right here and will be there to help you through” allow them to believe their feelings are okay, but also prompts them to realize they have to forge ahead.

We as adults cope with stressful situations on a regular basis.  Our children need to see us managing our own anxiety in a healthy way.  Hearing us verbalize some of the things we get nervous about as well as how we resolve the matter is a great way for students to realize that anxiousness is normal and manageable - but it takes practice.
Mrs.  Becky Tiffany

Students-Of-The Month Recognized At Lowville Middle School

Lowville Middle School is proud to announce the recipients of the Student-of-the-Month Award for September and October.  Students recognized for the month of September include Brody Brown, grade 6, son of Chad & Jana Brown; Daniel Fayle, grade 7, son of Mike & Julene Fayle; Emma Dening, grade 8, daughter of Robert & Laura Dening; and for October: Jada Lee, grade 6, daughter of Jason Lee & Danielle Zehr; Dawson Roberts, grade 7, son of Carl & Tammy Roberts; grade 8, Trenten Dosztan, son of Tom & Angie Dosztan. 

Nominees are selected by their grade level teachers for exhibiting such characteristics as:

Working to the best of their ability
Showing strong citizenship and character; being honest and trustworthy
Demonstrating school spirit and a positive attitude
Being responsible and completing quality work

Student recipients receive a Student-of-the-Month Certificate, Arby’s coupon and specially labeled bowling pins from AMF in recognition of their achievement.
All middle school students are eligible to be recommended as Students-of-the-Month. The Lowville Middle School staff and administration feel proud to work with these highly regarded students.

September Students-of-the-Month

Mrs. Tiffany, Brody Brown, Daniel Fayle,
Emma Dening

October Students-of-the-Month

Mrs. Tiffany, Jada Lee, Dawson Roberts, Trenten Dosztan

Middle School Students Earn
Artist of the Month” Award

Each month an outstanding middle school art student is chosen as the Artist of the Month.  Students chosen for this award receive a signed certificate and colored pencils as well as recognition on the morning announcements and the art room door.
September’s recipient was chosen for his quiet and focused behavior during studio work time as well as his ability to follow assignment guidelines while adding his own unique and creative style. Please congratulate 7th grader Boaz Green on earning this honor! Boaz had the honor of having his work displayed at the Harvest of the Arts Festival this fall.  Nice job Boaz!
October’s award-winner was 6th grader Elora Moore! Elora is off to a great start in her middle school art career given her work ethic, curiosity, and commitment to creating quality work. She accepts new challenges and does her best throughout each assignment! Way to go Elora! Keep up the good work!

1st Quarter Honor Roll
Students Announced

Congratulations to the following Lowville Middle School students on earning High Honor, Honor and Merit Roll status for the 1st quarter marking period:
High Honor Roll
Grade 6: Delaney Bergen, Brody Brown, Jayden Cantrell, Peyton Cole, Anna Exford, David Fayle, Anthony Garito, Samuel Gillette, Stacie Hernandez, Colin Kempney, Olivia King, Isabella Krop, Keerie Lyndaker, Landen Moshier, Abbigayle Nickles, Mackenzie Ples, Brandon Sauer, Taylor Stalker, Nathan Widrick.
Grade 7Olivia Baker, Hayden Beyer, Kennedy Duncan, Daniel Fayle, Jenna Freeman, Faith Froehlich, Carter Green, Linnea Haney, Madison Houppert, Jeremie Lehmann, Meredith Lovenduski, Jonathan Lyndaker, Michael Madore, Morgan Nortz, Trent Nortz, Colden Pike, Kyla Reed, Sofie Reitema, Emma Rowsam Megan Tiffany, Caden Turck, MiKayla VanNest, Kiley Zicari, Taylor Zubrzycki.
Grade 8Kelsey Beyer, Emma Corbett, Angelica DeGuardia, Emma Dening, Erik Gronowski, Gregory Haggerty, Isabelle Lovenduski, Aidan Macaulay, Gavin Macaulay, Nicolas Sawler, Katelyn Sellick, Natalie Thomas, Joseph Truax, Kathryn Tuttle, Sydney VanNest, Barbara Vaquero, Charlie Virkler, Anna Western, Marcus Wind, Alex Zubrzycki.
Honor Roll
Grade 6Abigael Beagle, Mara Brown, Collyn Bush, Lilian Clark, Alexandra Dosztan, Ireland Earl, Tucker Earl, Michael Favre, Jonah Flansburg, Nicholas Hetzner, Audrey Jones, Cole Jones, Merric Laribee, Shelby Law, Trevor Lawton, Jada Lee, Tanner Millard, Dalton Myers,Drew Ortlieb, Tayden Simpson, Jonathan Stacy, Kaden Thompsen.
Grade 7Mackenzie Aguilo, Hunter Burke, Paige Bush, Erica Coffin, Christian Dunckel, Amani Eastman, Katelyn Edick, Robert Farney, Elijah Flansburg, Alexis Frappier, Boaz Green, Hannah Gyore, Alexander Hetzner, Caleb Honey, Jeremiah Krop, Ramsey Metzler, Michael Monks, Dylan Moshier, Grace Myers, Logan Nicol, Carly Overton, Cole Reed, Shelby Seaway, Madyson Shelton, Aubrie Speranza, Samuel Van Buren, Hannah Webert, Ariel Wener, Elijah Woolschlager, Ryan Young, Kimberlee Zehr.
Grade 8Brian Burns, Mandy Cavanagh, Cydnie Clark, Alexis Dekin, Trenten Dosztan, Mae Muncy, Alexander Papineau, Solomon Rosner, Tate Smith, Katilyn Widrick, Aidan Wolf, Hugo Zabielowicz, Aidan Zehr.
Merit Roll
Grade 6Dylan Barber, Kaylynn Barber, Lydia Boucher, Kelseigh Carson, Lucas Chartrand, Dawson Cole, Noah Comet, Michael Crouse, Quinn Cummings, Raegan Decoteau, Gavin Dunn, Brendan Hamburg, Levi Hartle, Katelynn Marcum, Elora Moore, Alexander Myers, Ryan Myers, Colin O’Brien, Kyra Reali, Grace Rowsam, Jacob Rupert, Jonathan Staring, Sage Stoltzfus, Alana Weiler, Nevaeh Whitmore, Vallee Widrick.
Grade 7Brett Brady, Mia Bush, Hailey Drelick, Kali Foster, John Gudridge, Makenna Hartley, Erica Jacobsen, Xavier Kibbler, Dennis Morrison, Rosemarie Murphy, Nicholas Mutchler, Brett Pleskach, Tristin Reeder, Ethan Richardson-Morris, Zachary Robbins, Dawson Roberts, Monica Rombough, Collin Rozanski, Emily Schneider, Kassandra Shackelford, Makenna Simmons, Colton Simpson, Alexandrea Stockum, Brett Trainham, Jocelyn Zehr.
Grade 8Tenly Bush, Anthony Chartrand, Leah Clintsman, Alissa Cornell, Trinity Hiills, Paige Hirschey, Courtney Kafline, Kadyn Miller, Peyton Munger, Madison Uhlinger, Connor Waryasz, Delia Wilton.

Perfect Attendance                                                                                                                          For the 1st Quarter
Grade 6Isaac Aubel, Dylan Barber, Kaylynn Barber, Landen Brouty, Brody Brown, Mara Brown, Jayden Cantrell, Kelseigh Carson, Lilian Clark, Charles Clements, Dawson Cole, Peyton Cole, Noah Comet, Quinn Cummings, Kailee DeGeorge, Alexandra Dosztan, Gavin Dunn, Ireland Earl, Anna Exford, David Fayle, Jonah Flansburg, Anthony Garito, Samuel Gillette, Aidan Gonzales, Manuel Gonzales, Jolene Hall, Brendan Hamburg, Ryley Hanno, Stacie Hernandez, Nicholas Hetzner, Brent Hotchkiss, Cole Jones, Colin Kempney, Olivia King, Merric Laribee, Ryan Larkins, Trevor Lawton, Jada Lee, Keerie Lyndaker, Andre Meleschchuk, Tanner Millard, Elora Moore, Landen Moshier, Alexander Myers, Dalton Myers, Abbigayle Nickles, Colin O’Brien, Drew Ortlieb, Jaden Peebles, Mackenzie Ples, Kyra Reali, Natalie Roberts, Grade Rowsam, Jacob Rupert, Brandon Sauer, Tayden Simpson, Jonathan Stacy, Taylor Stalker, Jonathan Staring, Kaden Thompsen, Josiah Weaver, Nathan Widrick, Vallee Widrick.
Grade 7Olivia Baker, Hayden Beyer, Samuel Beyer, Clay Bigda, Brett Brady, Hunter Burke, Mia Bush, Paige Bush, Erica Coffin, Amani Eastman, Katelyn Edick, Daniel Fayle, Elijah Flansburg, Kali Foster, Carter Green, Hannah Gyore, Nelson Hall, Connor Hellinger, Alexander Hetzner, Caleb Honey, Madison Houppert, Erica Jacobsen, Jeremiah Krop, Jeremie Lehmann, Meredith Lovenduski, Michael Madore, Reginald McCollum, Ramsey Metzler, Michael Monks, Dylan Moshier, Nicholas Mutchler, Grace Myers, Logan Nicol, Trent Nortz, Carly Overton, Brett Pleskach, Hannah Raymond, Cole Reed, Kyla Reed, Tristin Reeder, Sofie Reitema, Ethan Richardson-Morris, Dawson Roberts, Monica Rombough, Collin Rozanski, Emily Schneider, Kassandra Shackelford, Madyson Shelton, Makenna Simmons, Colton Simpson, Evan Snyder, Aubrie Speranza, Alexandrea Stockum, Megan Tiffany, Brett Trainham, Caden Turck, Hannah Webert, Ariel Wener, Ryan Young, Kimberlee Zehr, Kiley Zicari.
Grade 8:  Andrew Beyer, Kelsey Beyer, Brian Burns, Mandy Cavanagh, Anthony Chartrand, Cydnie Clark, Emma Corbett, Alissa Cornell, Ty Davis, Emma Dening, Trenten Dosztan, Tyler Dubach, Riley Farnsworth, Skyler Gibbs, Erik Gronowski, Gregory Haggerty, Michael Hamburg, Nicholas Jones, Courtney Kafline, Isabelle Lovenduski, Colt Lyndaker, Aidan Macaulay, Gavin Macaulay, Salamon Mathieu, Isaiah Mejia, Kadyn Miller, Gavin Moyer, Lucas Noftsier, Jake Palmer, Alexander Papineau, Chyler Pickel, Deon Rollock, Nicolas Sawler, Dezaray Schader, Katelyn Sellick, Natalie Thomas, Kathryn Tuttle, Madison Uhlinger, Sydney VanNest, Wesley VanPatten, Barbara Vaquero, Charlie Virkler, Connor Waryasz, Anna Western, Kaitlyn Widrick, Delia Wilton, Marcus Wind, Aidan Wolf.

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