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Dear Students, Parents and Community Members:

The 2019-2020 school year is off to a great start!  Over the first few weeks of school we spent a great deal of time reinforcing academic, attendance, and behavioral expectations with students to lay the groundwork for each student to find success this year. Please refer to the Middle School web page for information on Academic, Attendance and Behavior Expectations.

Please contact me at 315-376-9010 if you have any questions or concerns that we can help you with this year.  I look forward to working in cooperation with you to provide the best possible educational environment for your children.


Scott D. Exford                                                                          
Middle School Principal

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From the Counselor’s Desk…

Welcome back students, parents and guardians!  It seems to have been a very smooth start to the school year - students have settled into their schedules and the staff is back to a routine.  We appreciate your patience as we have adjusted schedules to ensure students get the support they need. 

Homework and Organization
Students should be doing something academic for 15-60 minutes each night. This could be emptying out and organizing their binders and backpack, reviewing for an upcoming test/quiz, looking over notes, or actually completing assignments.  Many assignments in MS are not due the day after they are assigned, they are longer assignments due two to four days later.  It is imperative students learn to do a little each night, or they will end up with a lot of work at once.  Although you are not required to sign your child’s planner each night, it is still good practice to ask to see it frequently.  I strongly recommend that instead of “Do you have homework?” to instead say “Show me the work you are doing tonight.”  They may not have anything due the next day, but unless they are asked to recall what they do have for the week, many forget.

Organization of time and materials does not come naturally to everyone.  For some it is a daily frustration.  Too often I see students that are discouraged simply because they cannot find a paper or remember what work they were asked to do.  Helping your child develop a way to organize their things doesn’t mean you have to do it for them.  You may need to help your child:
maintain a routine
try different approaches
write a daily to-do list
do a locker check every few weeks
complete a bag cleanout every Sunday 

As much as they would like to be independent, many still need us within reach.

I want to encourage all parents and guardians to please contact your child’s teacher(s) or me with any questions or concerns regarding their progress.  It is always better to talk and share concerns sooner rather than later.  I look forward to working with you to provide a positive school experience for us all.  I can be reached at 315-376-9010 ext. 2521 or by e-mail at <>.

Quarter 1 Mid-Point

The mid-point for the first quarter is Thursday, October 3.  Parents will receive a mid-quarter progress report in a report card envelope.  Please review and sign the report card envelope and have your child return it to his/her homeroom teacher.  We will be meeting with parents during parent-teacher conference days in November, but do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns prior to those meetings.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for:

Wednesday, November 20
Thursday, November 21
Monday, November 25

Student Pictures

Individual student pictures for all Middle School students will be on Thursday, October 24.  Parents can expect picture information to be sent home with middle school students the second week in October.

Join Middle School
Remind Notification System

We are now offering text message and email notifications from the middle school.  We encourage all parents to sign up to receive free notifications of events, reminders, and the latest news.  Follow these instructions:

TEXT the following code to 81010
6th Grade - @lacsms6
7th Grade - @lacsms7
8th Grade - @lacsms8
Open your internet browser, type the following and enter the required information.
6th Grade -
7th Grade -
8th Grade -

Open House a Success

Thanks to all of the parents and students who attended our Open House on Tuesday, September 17.  Parents met their child’s teachers and learned about course expectations and procedures.  Please continue to keep the lines of communication open with your child’s teachers.  You may contact any teacher or the Middle School Office to schedule a meeting to discuss your child’s progress.

Student Council Magazine Sale

Middle School students will gather by grade level on Thursday, October 3 to hear information about the annual Student Council magazine sale.  The money raised through this sale is used to fund student activities and initiatives, end-of-the-year events, various community donations, and other organization requests.

Please be on the lookout for your child’s sale packet that they will receive at the assembly and help your child support our Student Council.

Student Pictures

Individual student pictures for all Middle School students will be on Thursday, October 24.  Parents can expect picture information to be sent home with middle school students the second week in October.

Middle School Musical

The 2019 Fall Middle School Musical will be Annie, Jr, which will be presented on October 24 and 25 at 7:00 p.m. in the district auditorium.

Academic Expectations
A few weeks ago we mailed home the Individual Student Reports that detailed your child’s results on the 2018-2019 New York State Assessments in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. If you have not done so already, please sit down with your child and talk to them about how they did on these exams.  Although these results don’t tell the whole story of who your child is as a learner, they do give us a glimpse of the strengths and weaknesses of your child.  Use the results of these assessments as well as your child’s 2018-2019 report cards to start a dialog with them and to set goals for this school year. 

Soon we will be sending home 5-week progress reports for all middle school students.  As you look at your child’s progress report, be sure to celebrate the successes for those courses your child did well in.  Now is also the time to set academic goals for the courses your child may have struggled in.  Take some time to evaluate your child’s study habits and help them come up with a plan to make academic gains:

Set a schedule for homework and study time to occur - select a quiet environment without distractions.
Encourage your child to seek out help from his/her teachers.
Reinforce the importance of taking advantage of study hall time at school.
Have your child sign up for a peer tutor or for after school assistance in our After School Connections Program.
Set goals with your child for improvement.

In November we will be holding parent conferences.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to develop a link with your child’s teachers and open up the lines of communication with them.  In addition, make sure your child is taking advantage of the educational opportunities available to all middle school students.  Our teachers are available before and after school each day for assistance.

Attendance Expectations
Good attendance is paramount to a student’s success in school.  Please make every effort to have your child in school each and every day.  New York State law requires students to attend school daily.  Parents are responsible, under the compulsory attendance law, for their child’s regular and punctual attendance.  Please keep in mind that, by law, both excused and unexcused absences count for attendance purposes. 
The goals of the attendance policy at LACS are to:
Improve the safety and security of students throughout the building.
Define standards for grade level and course completion.
Teach responsibility with increased accountability of student presence during instruction.
Use a standardized method of accounting for the whereabouts of all students each day.

The New York State Education Department allows the following reasons for excused absences:
Personal illness verified by a parent.
Serious illness/death within the immediate family.
Medical or dental appointment (parent arranged).
Authorized religious holidays with advanced notice.
College visits (HS only), school field trips, etc. approved in advance by administration.

The New York State Education Department considers the following reasons to be unexcused absences:
Truancy (skipping)
Missing the bus and staying home
Working during school hours
Shopping during school hours
Hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities
Non-educational trips
Helping at home
Any absence not related to illness or family emergency
Any non-school related sporting events

The district encourages parents to support the attendance rules and to work cooperatively with district officials in this regard. Please be aware that parent support for an unexcused absence does not absolve an unexcused student from consequences according to education laws.  Circumstances that prevent attendance are considered on an individual basis if parent notification is given in a timely manner.

Parents should contact the Middle School Office when their child is absent, or follow up on messages from School Messenger related to your child’s absences. For each absence, the student is to have a parent or guardian write an excuse stating the student’s name, date, days of absence, and the reason for the absence.

As required by law, each excuse becomes a part of school records. The student should present the excuse to the Middle School Office along with his or her planner for signature. Students should also make plans to make up any work missed in their absence.

Behavioral Expectations
This year our middle school will continue to focus on the theme, “Acting with Respect Always.”  Below are some of the character traits that we will work to develop in our students:
Honesty and Fairness
No Excuses - Do The Work
Parents, please help us here at school by reinforcing the importance of your children “Acting with Respect Always.”
You will notice in our student handbook that there are a few pages that highlight our behavior expectations and there is also a chart that illustrates how students can be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe in all areas of our school environment.  Please take time to go through the handbook with your child and have a discussion regarding our behavioral expectations

Assistant Principal:
Mr. Brian Hanselman
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