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We are heading into the homestretch of the 2018-19 school year.  This time of year we are reviewing students’ academic records to both identify students who need remediation of skills through our summer school program and those students who are eligible for accelerated coursework.

You recently received your child’s 3rd quarter report card and will have a good idea if your child will need to be registered for summer school.  Please keep in mind that any student who fails a course is strongly encouraged to attend summer school, and students who fail more than one course are required to attend summer school.  Teachers may also recommend students for summer school in order to improve their skills.  In addition to our remedial program, we hope to continue to offer a specialized literacy program to middle school students.  More information regarding summer school will be sent to parents later this spring.  Registration for the Middle School summer program will be done through our FamilyID online registration platform. 

Current 7th grade students, meeting Board of Education- approved criteria, may be eligible for accelerated courses in Regents Algebra and Regents Biology.  Students must demonstrate academic excellence in their middle school coursework, attain level 4 scores on their NYS Assessments, and be recommended by their teachers in order to be considered.  Incoming 8th grade students will be notified over the summer of their eligibility for this program. 

Whether your child is in need of additional support and remediation over the summer, or has an interest in and demonstrates competency for advanced coursework, we are working hard to identify and provide those opportunities.  Please contact the Middle School Office if you have any questions on our summer school program or our acceleration process.

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From the Counselor’s Desk…

We are now into the fourth quarter, and we will soon be starting the process of looking ahead to next year. During the week of May 12, the 5th grade students will have the opportunity to hear about what middle school is like and receive advice from some current 6th grade students.  These students include: Abrianna Turck, Leona Gohlert, Ava Burns, Carlee Davis, Lilly Lacey, Dudley Rombough, Landon Brennan, Simeon Rush, Lucas Suiter, and Henry Goss. It is always interesting to hear which aspects of middle school students feel are most important.  Later this spring, the 5th grade students will visit the 6th grade wing of the building.  This is their chance to see the classrooms, meet the teachers, and experience what it is like to get to each class independently in only 3 minutes! It will be a great opportunity to begin looking ahead to what next year will hold.

Is it possible for teens to be genuine?

To be genuine means to act in way that directly mirrors how you think and what you say.  Genuine people say what they mean and mean what they say.  Genuine people respond to internal expectations not external ones and forge their own paths.  They spend time thinking about their own opinions and don’t require others to share them.  Nor are they easily swayed by the opinions of others.  They are guided by their own interests and beliefs.  Genuine people are not intimidated by failure and can admit their faults.  They learn from errors and are able to recognize their faults and take responsibility for their actions.  Genuine people have a solid self-esteem.  They are able to accept both positive and negative feedback from others without it diminishing or exaggerating their sense of self-worth.

It is fair to say that being a teenager and being genuine is close to impossible.  Not only are their looks and bodies changing but so are their opinions and perspectives.  Adolescents are suddenly passionate about their own, often ill-informed, opinions but also want to fulfill the basic human need of belonging.  An example of this is when they are observed to be acting differently depending on who they are with. I often will ask students to identify who are the classmates that are with them when they experience conflict or when they experience success?  Who is around when they are spoken to harshly or when they are praised as a group?  This information is often good insight as to who they feel they can be genuine around.

When young people are experiencing conflict with their peers they will often use descriptors like fake, fair-weathered friend, and fickle.  They are frustrated and confused by the inconsistent loyalties of their peers.  It is normal for young people to frequently change their minds (about friends and activities) as they navigate through different interests and experiences.  When young people are frustrated with their friendships, I always ask “who are two classmates that are easy to be around?  Ones that you can just be yourself when you are with them?”  It is these classmates that I encourage students to seek out when they are feeling socially overwhelmed.  Feeling comfortable around someone is a good sign they are a person that has genuine qualities.

It is important for us to continue to challenge our children and students to identify the people they are around when they experience good things and the ones they feel they can be themselves around so they too can become more genuine.

3rd Quarter Honor Roll
Students Announced

Congratulations to the following Middle School students on receiving High Honor, Honor and Merit Roll status for the third quarter marking period:

High Honor Roll

Grade 6Landon Brennan, Ava Burns, Lydia DeGeorge, Henry Goss, Eli Gronowski, Ethan Higby, Anna King, Lilly Lacey, Maya Laribee, Brenna Law, Katherine Macaulay, Skylar Manning, Nicholas Martin, Peyton Matuszczak, Thomas McCue, Saige McIntosh, Julia Morrow, Tai Nortz, Charlee Pike, Dudley Rombough,
Simeon Rush, Zoe Shinnick, Lucas Suiter, Ariana Thomas, Brian Thomas, Aubrianna Turck, Jenna Weiler

Grade 7Katelynn Baker, Anna Dening, Carli Freeman, Annabella LaPuma, Emilie Lehmann, Connor McCormick, Ayden Meleshchuk, Haylee Munger, Jerika Myers, Avery Pate, Sarah Peebles, Catherine Peer, Jack Rowsam, Kally Runner, Jakayla Spence,
Brooke Widrick

Grade 8Abigael Beagle, Delaney Bergen, Kaylee Bice, Brody Brown, Collyn Bush, Jayden Cantrell, Peyton Cole, Michael Crouse, Alex Dunckel, Anna Exford, David Fayle, Samuel Gillette, Colin Kempney, Olivia King, Shelby Law, Jada Lee, Landen Moshier, Drew Ortlieb, Mackenzie Ples, Tayden Simpson, Nathan Widrick

Honor Roll

Grade 6Kyleigh Bartlett, Isabella Bergen, Jack Beyer, Rielly Brennan, Aiden Capron, Wyatt Cornell, Carlee Davis, Lis Dunckel, Lillian Exford, Michael Fayle, Leona Gohlert, Tyler Gyore, Alannah Ingersoll, Cody Kempney, Devin Mahoney, Zane Metzler, Delaney Rose, Trey Smith, Alyssa Stalker, Olivia Stewart, Dominic Swiernik, Chloe Zehr

Grade 7
Kendyl Allen, Stephanie Beyer, Alexa Brouty, Aiiden Cisco, Denali Dietrich, Haydn Draper, Justin Feisthamel, Paige Feisthamel, Macy Fowler, Samantha Freeman, Elijah Hall, Ryder Jantzi, Sean Kelly, Lathan Kilbourn, Landon Learned, Alyvia Millard, Caden Miller, Mikayla Nicol, Taylor Nortz, Keegan O’Brien, Julianne Russel, Taci Smith, Brook Ward, Keira Watson, Benjamin Webert, Rubi Zabielowicz,

Grade 8Lydia Boucher, Alexandra Dosztan, Ireland Earl, Tucker Earl, Anthony Garito, Nicholas Hetzner, Cole Jones, Isabella Krop, Merric Laribee, Trevor Lawton, Tanner Millard, Dalton Myers, Ryan Myers, Abbigayle Nickles, Brandon Sauer, Taylor Stalker, Kaden Thompsen, Geran Zehr

Merit Roll

Grade 6Alexis Allen, Jonathan Clover, Mason Cobb, Abby Drelick, Brent Fayle, Amariah Green, Lucas Hall, Quinn Hoppel, Cameron Lee, Deken Makuch, Levi Mariano-Brockway, James McCollum, Adyson McFaul, Landon Monnat, Wyatt Phelps, Jevin Ray, Logan Yarina

Grade 7Kylee Burke, Aarylin Fuller, Kaylee Gentry, George Gerow, Phoebe Hutchins, Kaylee Kloster, Lane Lovenduski, Danika Moshier, Hannah Moshier, Taylor Newton, Garrett Phelps, Allison Rozanski, Collin Schrag, Luke Snyder, Tracy Snyder, Derek Virkler, Logan Watson

Grade 8Kaylynn Barber, Lillian Clark, Noah Comet, Quinn Cummings, Raegan Decoteau, Kailee DeGeorge, Kaylee Fahey, Jonah Flansburg, Audrey Jones, Rose Maine, Rebecca Marra, Cade Olmstead, Kyra Reali, Grace Rowsam, Jacob Rupert, Vallee Widrick

Students Make Perfect Attendance Through 3rd Quarter

The following students maintained perfect attendance through the third quarter marking period in the Middle School:

Grade 6:  Kyleigh Bartlett, Bailey Bowers, Ava Burns, Wyatt Cornell, Lydia DeGeorge, John Elhajj, Lillian Exford, Michael Fayle, David Hosler II, Alannah Ingersoll, Cody Kempney, Lilly Lacey, Andrew Lyndaker, Deken Makuch, Skylar Manning, Nicholas Martin, James McCollum, Julia Morrow, Chase Nakano, Tai Nortz, Haley Palmer, Wyatt Phelps, Dudley Rombough, Shayla Rowsam, Jayden Smith, Dominic Swiernik, Brian Thomas, Logan Yarina, Chloe Zehr, Chase Zubrzycki

Grade 7:  Kendyl Allen, Katelynn Baker, Alexa Brouty, Samantha Freeman, Annabella LaPuma, Landon Learned, Alyvia Millard, Hannah Moshier, Morrigan Mullis, Jerika Myers, Taylor Nortz, Catherine Peer, Garrett Phelps, Melody Roggie, Collin Schrag, Derek Virkler, Logan Watson, Rubi Zabielowicz

Grade 8:  Abigael Beagle, Delaney Bergen, Sarah Brandal, Dawson Cole, Noah Comet, Quinn Cummings, Raegan Decoteau, Anna Exford, Kaylee Fahey, David Fayle, Jonah Flansburg, Anthony Garito, Jolene Hall, Audrey Jones, Colin Kempney, Jada Lee, Elora Moore, Brandon Sauer, Tayden Simpson, Josiah Weaver, Nathan Widrick, Vallee Widrick

Middle School Yearbook
Arrives Soon!

The Middle School Yearbooks will be arriving soon, but you still have time to purchase one for your Middle School child.  They are currently on sale for the price of $25.93 plus tax.  Yearbooks can be purchased one of three ways:

1 - Go to the Jostens (our year book publishing company) website at <> and purchase the book online.

2 - Return the yearbook information form that Jostens has sent home by either mail or e-mail.

3 - Call Jostens at 1-877-767-5217 to place an order.

Only a few yearbooks will be available when they are delivered to Lowville, so please guarantee that your child has a yearbook and purchase one now!

MS Dance Info
The last Middle School dance will be held on
Friday, May 3 from 7:00-9:00 pm.
  It is sponsored
by the Business Club.  Students should not arrive before
6:50 p.m. and parents are requested to pick
their children up promptly at 9:00 p.m.  Entry is $4.00.

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