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It is a busy time of year in the middle school!  As we head toward the holidays I wanted to share some highlights from this fall and give you a glimpse of some programs that are planned.

We held our annual fall parent conferences in November and were very pleased with the number of parents who were able to attend.  Your support and involvement in your child’s education is appreciated and we welcome your continued participation and collaboration.  If you didn’t get the chance to come in for parent teacher conferences, please contact us to arrange a time when you can meet with us.  Thanks again for working with us to help your child have a successful year at Lowville Middle School.

Winter sports are upon us - modified girls volleyball, and boys swimming and wrestling are currently under way for the Winter I sports season. Modified girls and boys basketball will begin in late January. Your involvement as parents in supporting our student-athletes is appreciated.  Your support at home and your attendance at your children’s games is wonderful.  I am always amazed to see the number of parents at our events.  I look forward to seeing you this winter. 

November was a good time of year to teach our students about giving back to their community.  Throughout the month, our students raised funds for our community’s veterans to honor them around Veteran’s Day.  Lowville Middle School students donated over $200 to the Lowville American Legion to help sponsor their Veteran’s Day dinner.  Our students and staff members were also able to join the high school’s Veteran’s Day ceremony via live streaming in our classrooms.  Special thanks and appreciation go out to all of our veterans and our military families.

I want to remind parents and our community members about a special program that we have planned.  Work is currently underway for our annual Christmas Extravaganza, which will be held during the school day on Friday, December 20.  The Extravaganza is a celebration of months of hard work by our staff and students to raise money and food items for local families in need.  The Extravaganza itself will be a showcase of the talents of our students and staff and a pat on the back for their months of dedication in serving the needs of our community.  This annual festivity is enjoyed by both students and staff alike and reinforces with our students the true meaning of the holidays!

The MS Connections Program is up and running.  It is an academically-based after school program for our middle school students.  The program offers students the opportunity to have a supervised setting that combines both academic and social support.  Staff members provide after school tutoring, academic support, interactive activities, and other services to help students find success and connect with other students and staff members.  This program also has a Math/ELA focus and serves as an additional form of Academic Intervention Services for our students.  The program runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:20 to 4:30 p.m.  Please contact the MS Office to register your child.

All of us here at Lowville Middle School wish you a happy holiday season!


Scott D. Exford                                                                          
Middle School Principal

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Student Handbook
Students of the Month Recognized

Lowville Middle School is proud to announce the recipients of the Student-of-the-Month Award for September and October.  Students recognized for the month of September include Ethan Zehr, grade 6, son of Matthew & Eliza Zehr; Julia Morrow, grade 7, daughter of Lucas & Corey Morrow; and Kaylee Kloster, grade 8, daughter of Jason Kloster & Jessica Kloster.

Students-of-the-Month for October are: Katarina Gohlert, grade 6, daughter of Bernard & Marcia Gohlert; Thomas McCue, grade 7, son of Melvin & Renee McCue; and Ayden Meleshchuk, grade 8, son of Volodymyr & Wendy Meleshchuk.

Nominees are selected by their grade level teachers based on the following criteria:
Academics - working above and beyond their ability and what is expected
Behavior - making good decisions and being a role model for other students - even when adults are not looking
Character - looking out for their classmates - being respectful, honest, trustworthy and kind at all times
Attendance - being on time to school and classes every day (unless extenuating circumstances)

Student receive a Student-of-the-Month Certificate, a specially labeled bowling pin from AMF/Qubica, and gift certificates from Get-it & Go and Stewart’s in recognition of their achievement.  All middle school students are eligible to be recommended as Students-of-the-Month. The Lowville Middle School staff and administration feel proud to work with these highly regarded students.

First Quarter 
High, Honor, and Merit Rolls

Congratulations to the following Lowville Middle School students on earning High Honor, Honor and Merit Roll status for the 1st quarter marking period:

High Honor Roll

Grade 6Zachary Edick, Brayden Gillette, Karli Gillette, Katarina Gohlert, Mia Hanselman, Brooke Houppert, Raven LaBrie, Anthony LaPuma, Elaina Lehmann, Eli McCue, Jenna Pate, Olivia Patnode, Grace Rupert, Laura Snyder, Natalie Stockman, Kaylie Virkler, Vanna Wagner, Joshua Weiler, Charlotte Wood, Ethan Zehr.

Grade 7Kyleigh Bartlett, Isabella Bergen, Landon Brennan, Rielly Brennan, Ava Burns, Wyatt Cornell, Henry Goss, Eli Gronowski, Tyler Gyore, Ethan Higby, Cody Kempney, Anna King, Lilly Lacey, Maya Laribee, Katherine Macaulay, Nicholas Martin, Peyton Matuszczak, Thomas McCue, Saige McIntosh, Tai Nortz, Charlee Pike, Dudley Rombough, Simeon Rush, Zoe Shinnick, Lucas Suiter, Dominic Swiernik, Ariana Thomas, Brian Thomas, Abrianna Turck, Jenna Weiler.

Grade 8Katelynn Baker, Eloise Blauvelt, Anna Dening, Denali Dietrich, Haydn Draper, Carli Freeman, Annabella LaPuma, Emilie Lehmann, Connor McCormick, Ayden Meleshchuk, Haylee Munger, Jerika Myers, Keegan O'Brien, Avery Pate, Sarah Peebles, Catherine Peer, Jack Rowsam, Kally Runner, Jakayla Spence, Brook Ward, Brooke Widrick, Rubi Zabielowicz.

Honor Roll

Grade 6Toby Brandal, Marcus Chang, Peyton Cisco, Ian Dunckel, Grace Fouse, Carter Fowler, Makensie Freeman, Shelby Gentry, Jayla Goodman, Jasmyn Hall, Corinne Haney, Aubree Hulbert, Morgan Lawrence, Mya Lehman, Christain McGuckin, Madeline Meleshchuk, Carver Nortz, Myah Nortz, William Noviscky, Savanna Overton, Alivea Peebles, Charles Pierce, Chandler Pridell, Ariyanna Ryan, Veronica Ryan, Isaiah Spence, Jensen Staie, Noah Virkler.

Grade 7Alexis Allen, Daisy Barbarito, Jack Beyer, Kaydynce Bodah, Carlee Davis, Lydia DeGeorge, Abby Drelick, Lis Dunckel, Elyzah Endy, Lillian Exford, Brent Fayle, Michael Fayle, Kaydalyn Fowler, Leona Gohlert, Amariah Green, Lucas Hall, Brenna Law, Devin Mahoney, Deken Makuch, Skylar Manning, James McCollum, Adyson McFaul, Julia Morrow, Wyatt Phelps, Delaney Rose, Trey Smith, Alyssa Stalker.

Grade 8Kendyl Allen, Stephanie Beyer, Dominick DeGuardia, Paige Feisthamel, Macy Fowler, Elijah Hall, Ryder Jantzi, Sean Kelly, Landon Learned, Alyvia Millard, Caden Miller, Taylor Nortz, Taci Smith, Stacy Snyder, Keira Watson.

Merit Roll

Grade 6Case Allen, Brendon Bowers, MaKayla Delles, Aubrey Gleason, Gracie Hirschey, Avery Kilburn, Mackenzie Kirch, Abigail McIntyre, Ryan Meleshchuk, Leah Metzler, Nolan Moshier, Chase Robbins, Brent Swiernik, Devin Swiernik, Aydin Waugh, Kendra Williams.

Grade 7Aiden Capron, Mason Cobb, Kara Demko, Averie Halladay, Emily Heins, Quinn Hoppel, Kiera Krop, Cameron Lee, Levi Mariano-Brockway, Zane Metzler, Landon Monnat, Chase Nakano, Mason Pickel, Jevin Ray, Shayla Rowsam, Nevan Schermerhorn, Logan Yarina, Chloe Zehr.

Grade 8Alexa Brouty, Aiiden Cisco, Alex Farney, Justin Feisthamel, Samantha Freeman, Andrew Hulbert, Phoebe Hutchins, Kaylee Kloster, Lane Lovenduski, Espen Matuszczak, Danika Moshier, Taylor Newton, Mikayla Nicol, Garrett Phelps, Collin Schrag, Luke Snyder, Derek Virkler, Logan Watson, Benjamin Webert.

First Quarter Perfect Attendance

Grade 6Case Allen, Brendon Bowers, Toby Brandal, Marcus Chang, Peyton Cisco, MaKayla Delles, Shelby Gentry, Brayden Gillette, Karli Gillette, Katarina Gohlert, Ian Granger, Corinne Haney, Mia Hanselman, Brooke Houppert, Anthony LaPuma, Macey Larkins, Morgan Lawrence, Mya Lehman, Elaina Lehmann, Eli McCue, Abigail McIntyre, Madeline Meleshchuk, Marissa Morak, Carver Nortz, Savanna Overton, Nathan Owens, Olivia Patnode, Chandler Pridell, Chase Robbins, Garrett Rogers, Laura Snyder, Isaiah Spence, Jensen Staie, Brent Swiernik, Caden Tanner, Jason Virkler, Kaylie Virkler, Noah Virkler, Aydin Waugh, Joshua Weiler, Kendra Williams, Charlotte Wood, Ethan Zehr.

Grade 7Alexis Allen, Kyleigh Bartlett,  Jack Beyer, Dakota Blosser, Kaydynce Bodah, Bailey Bowers, Ava Burns, Mason Cobb, Carlee Davis, Lydia DeGeorge, Krisstopher DeVillers, John Elhajj, Elyzah Endy, Lillian Exford, Michael Fayle, Henry Goss, Amariah Green, Tyler Gyore, Averie Halladay, Emily Heins, Quinn Hoppel, Alannah Ingersoll, Cody Kempney, Anna King, Kiera Krop, Lilly Lacey, Brenna Law, Andrew Lyndaker, Katherine Macaulay, Devin Mahoney, Deken Makuch, Skylar Manning, Nicholas Martin, James McCollum, Thomas McCue, Adyson McFaul, Saige McIntosh, Landon Monnat, Julia Morrow, Chase Nakano, Tai Nortz, Haley Palmer, Wyatt Phelps, Mason Pickel, Cole Pleskach, Jonathan Ripp, Kayla Rivers, Dudley Rombough, Michael Rombough, Delaney Rose, Shayla Rowsam, Simeon Rush, Jayden Smith, Trey Smith, Alyssa Stalker, Dominic Swiernik, Ariana Thomas, Brian Thomas, Jenna Weiler, Chloe Zehr.

Grade 8Kendyl Allen, Katelynn Baker, Stephanie Beyer, Eloise Blauvelt, Alexa Brouty, Kylee Burke, Ashton Capron, Andrew Collins, Denali Dietrich, Haydn Draper, Alex Farney, Paige Feisthamel, Carli Freeman, Samantha Freeman, Aarylin Fuller, Cody Haggerty, Phoebe Hutchins, Ryder Jantzi, Annabella LaPuma, Cara Lawrence, Maddox Lee, Lane Lovenduski, Espen Matuszczak, Alyvia Millard, Danika Moshier, Haylee Munger, Hunter Murphy, Jerika Myers, Taylor Newton, Taylor Nortz, Keegan O'Brien, Sarah Peebles, Dylan Perkins, Braxton Peters, Garrett Phelps, Melody Roggie, Jack Rowsam, Allison Rozanski, Kally Runner, Collin Schrag, Kara Shaw, Taci Smith, Jakayla Spence, Rorrie Stogsdill, Breann Sullivan, Matthew Sweeney, Keira Watson, Logan Watson, Benjamin Webert, Brooke Widrick.

Middle School Students Participate in Manufacturing Day

On October 17, all 8th grade students, as well as Mr. Kozin’s Robotics class participated in Manufacturing Day.  The 8th grade class was divided into 3 groups.  One group traveled to Croghan to visit Grand Slam Safety, another group traveled to Carthage to tour Johnson’s Lumber, and the remaining group stayed right here in Lowville to see the facility at Quibica AMF.  

Manufacturing Day is an annual event where students get to learn about world-class manufacturers in their own community, as well as the variety of good-paying career options in engineering, procurement, logistics, production, machining, welding, electrical, maintenance, and more.  Locally, as well as nationally, there is a growing demand for workers with education and training in these areas.  The intent is to promote awareness of these opportunities to ensure that our manufacturers have access to the skilled workforce they need to remain viable and competitive.  In Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties approximately 1,000 students from 30 different schools visited 22 different companies.

Regional MFG Day events were coordinated through a partnership between Jefferson County Economic Development; Lewis County Economic Development; CITEC Business Solutions; Jefferson-Lewis BOCES; St. Lawrence County BOCES; Jefferson-Lewis Workforce Investment Board; and the North Country STEM Learning Network.

Middle School Students Earn “Artist of the Month” Award

Each month an outstanding middle school art student is chosen as the Artist of the Month. Students
chosen for this award receive a signed certificate and set of colored pencils as well as recognition on the morning announcements and art room door.

September’s Artist of the Month award went to Brayden Gillette, son of Gary & Lainy Gillette.  October’s Artist of the Month award went to Rorrie Stogsdill, daughter of Steven & Ginny Stogsdill.  If you happen to see either of these artists, please congratulate them on their hard work and positive attitudes!

Halloween in the Hallways

The Middle School Student Sunshine Committee, co-advised by Courtney McCreadie and Becky Tiffany, decked the halls - Halloween style! Cobwebs hung on the ceilings with care, while oodles of candy manifested from thin air!

The committee also put on a Halloween candy cup guessing contest during the week where students had to correctly guess the number of candies in a cup.  Congratulations to Dylan Kibbler (8th grader) and Amalia Delgado (7th grader) - they guessed spot on!

A HUGE thanks to all the ‘ghouls’ that came to school on the weekend before Halloween to make the middle school spooktacular!

Order the Middle School
Yearbook Now!

The Middle School Yearbooks are currently on sale. The cost for this year’s full color yearbook is $25.93 plus tax. Yearbooks can be purchased in one of three ways for your child:

1st - You can go to the Jostens (our yearbook publishing company) website at <> and purchase the book online.
2nd - You can return the yearbook information form that Jostens has sent home by either mail or e-mail.
3rd - You can call Jostens at 1-877-767-5217 to place an order.

Only a few yearbooks will be available in May when they are delivered; so please guarantee that your child has a yearbook, purchase one now!

Business Club Off and Running

The Middle School Business Club has been busy this fall electing officers and planning their activities for the year.  Mrs. Kozin, advisor, would like to congratulate the following students for being elected officers for the club:

MS President:  8th grader George Gerow
MS Vice President:  6th grader Dieondre Wells
Club Treasurer Assistant:  6th grader Ryan Meleshchuk
Treasurer Assistant:  6th grader Myah Nortz
Secretary:  6th grader Ethan Zehr

The officers have been meeting to plan out their four goal areas of education, community service, social activities and fundraising.  All members are hoping for a fun and successful school year.

Middle School Musical

The middle school musical production of “Annie Jr.” was shown Thursday, October 24 and Friday October 25. The cast of characters included: Kyleigh Bartlett as Annie, Danika Moshier as Molly, Kara Macaulay as Tessie, Eloise Blauvelt as July, Denali Dietrich as Duffy, Lillian Exford as Kate, Saige McIntosh as Pepper, Mya Lehman as Bundles McCloskey, Myah Nortz as Apple Seller, Mia Hanselman as Dog Catcher, Olivia Patnode as Sandy, Garrett Phelps as Lt. Ward, Ethan Higby as Oliver Warbucks, Ariana Thomas as Grace Farrell, Brayden Gillette as Drake, Stephanie Beyer as Mrs. Greer, Aubree Overton as Mrs. Pugh, Charlotte Wood as Cecille, Avery Kilburn as Annette, Annabella LaPuma as Star-To-Be, Joshua Weiler as Rooster, Haylee Munger as Lily St. Regis, Brayden Gillette as Bert Healy, Garrett Phelps as Radio Sound Man, Matthew McIntosh as President Roosevelt, and Garrett Phelps as Louis Howe.

The remaining servants in the Warbucks mansion were: Brooke Houppert, Alannah Ingersoll, Savanna Overton, Skylar Manning, Natalie Stockman, Keira Watson. The Orphans/People of NYC were played by Stephanie Beyer, Karli Gillette, Aubrey Gleason, Cori Haney, Mia Hanselman, Brooke Houppert, Alannah Ingersoll, Avery Kilburn, Mackenzie Kirch, Annabella LaPuma, Skylar Manning, Madeline Meleshchuk, Myah Nortz, Aubree Overton, Savanna Overton, Olivia Patnode, Ariyanna Ryan, Veronica Ryan, Natalie Stockman, Keira Watson, Charlotte Wood, Logan Yarina

Spotlights were done by Adyson McFaul and Carver Nortz.

The students did a fantastic job. Great job everyone! Thank you to all who came out to support the students.

From The Counselor’s Desk…
Last year our elementary students were introduced to a social/emotional curriculum titled MindUp.  You may have heard your elementary age child use words like prefrontal cortex, hippocampus or amygdala….and know the function of each one.  MindUp is a series of lessons that are designed to encourage students to be more aware of and in control of their emotions, thoughts and actions.  “Mindful attention centers on conscious awareness of the present moment; by focusing attention and controlling our breath, we can learn to reduce stress and optimize the learning capacity of our brain.” (MindUP Curriculum, The Hawn Foundation).  I am continuing with these lessons for the next 10 weeks in the 6th grade.  The goal is to teach students to attend to the here and now in a calm and thoughtful way.   
One of the best things we can all do is to take a ten minute “mind re-set” break in the middle of the day. We live in a world that is turned on at full-speed, full-blast, full time. Mindfulness is sometimes called the “seat belt of mental health.” Mindfulness practice can help us to increase our ability to regulate emotions and decrease stress and worry.  It can also help us to focus our attention, as well as to reflect on our thoughts and feelings and therefore make more intentional choices.  By teaching our students to settle their minds they can be more fully attentive to what they are learning, how they are interacting, and to be more tolerant/patient towards their peers.  You can try this at home by shutting off devices and stimulus while you are eating and/or 90 minutes before bedtime.  Please ask your child, if they are in grades K-6, what they know about the brain and what it means to be mindful. 
Mrs.  Becky Tiffany

Assistant Principal:
Mr. Brian Hanselman
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