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As we begin the second semester, it is a good time to have your child reflect on his/her progress so far this year.  I want to share our district expectations for student attendance, behavior, and academic effort.  Please take time to sit down with your child to review this information and set goals for the remainder of the school year:
We believe that each person in our school deserves:
A safe and secure environment
To be treated with respect by others
The opportunity to be the best they can be

Therefore, we are committed to supporting school-wide expectations that will provide an environment where students:
Show respect for all people and property
Demonstrate sincere effort and quality work
Direct only kind manners and courteous language toward others
Show responsible behavior in all instructional and non-instructional areas, including hallways, cafeterias, athletic fields, locker rooms, and on buses
Attend school faithfully and be on time for class
Never use, possess or be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products
Are positive team players in the classroom and at extracurricular events

Please talk with your child about his/her role in creating a positive environment here at Lowville Middle School.
I also ask that you take time to encourage your child to get involved in activities outside of the classroom. We want all students to make connections at school, whether it is in a club, an athletic team, or involvement in other after school programs.  Students who involve themselves in school activities are more likely to build positive relationships and learn valuable skills that will help them be successful.
Please remind your child that the following programs are available to all middle school students for homework assistance, academic intervention services, and other academic needs:
MS Connections After-School Program, Peer Tutoring Program, After-School Library Program, Individual/Group Assistance from Teachers and Staff, Student Learning Center Support and Counseling
Encourage your child to do his/her best in school and to utilize the resources available at school to help them find success throughout the year and on the NYS Assessments.  Please contact the Middle School Office if you have any questions or concerns.

Scott D. Exford                                                                          
Middle School Principal

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NYS Assessments Scheduled
This spring your child will take the New York State assessments in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. These exams will assess whether or not your child is meeting proficiency in relation to the learning standards outlined by the NYS Education Department.  Please reinforce the importance of these exams with your child.  The results of this year’s exams will be reported to us over the summer.  Individual student reports will be used to measure your child’s proficiency and help us in making determinations for next year’s academic intervention services (AIS) placement as well as eligibility for accelerated and advanced placement courses.  
Our teachers have been working all year to prepare students for these very important assessments.  In addition to the classroom instruction students receive each day, please encourage your child to take advantage of the Academic Intervention Service opportunities and review classes that we will continue to provide throughout the spring semester to help prepare students for these exams.  A letter, along with a permission slip, will be mailed to parents detailing the after school review schedule for ELA and Math.  Many students have already been busy preparing throughout their lunch periods, study halls, and at our after school programs.  Please contact the Middle School Office at 315-376-9010 should you have questions or need additional information on any of our programs.  We hope that all of our students put themselves in the best possible position to be successful on these assessments.
Our 6th and 7th grade students will utilize Computer-Based Testing (CBT) for this spring’s NYS ELA Exam. NYS is transitioning to online testing over the next few years and all school districts in New York State need to make progress toward having all students testing on the online platform.  Last year we piloted CBT with our 6th grade students.  This year we will expand that to include both 6th and 7th grade. 
Below is the schedule for this spring’s NYS Assessments: 
ELA March 25-26
Math April 22-23
Please do your best to schedule any appointments or out of school commitments for your child outside of the testing dates…thank you!

From the Counselor’s Desk…
The midpoint of the year is busy for eighth grade students as they maintain focus on current work simultaneously looking ahead to the next school year.  Each 8th grade student has been provided with a 2020-21 course selection booklet to review in preparation for their four-year high school course planning meeting.  If you have not done so already, please contact the HS Counseling office at (315) 376-9017 to make this appointment.  Appointments with you and your 8th grade child will start when we return from mid-winter break.
Students of the Month Recognized
For November - Grade 6, Josh Weiler, son of Patrick & Michelle Weiler; Grade 7, Kaydynce Bodah, daughter of Kori Smith and Shawn Bodah; Grade 8, Brook Ward, daughter of Jeremiah & Michelle Ward.
For December - Grade 6, Madeline Meleshchuk, daughter of Serojia & Christina Meleshchuk; Grade 7, Devin Mahoney, son of Dennis & Jacqueline Mahoney; Grade 8, Connor McCormick, son of Louis McCormick and Kathy Edick.
Nominees are selected by their grade level teachers based on the following criteria:
Academics - working above and beyond their ability and what is expected
Behavior - making good decisions and being a role model for other students - even when adults are not looking
Character - always looking out for their classmates - being respectful, honest, trustworthy and kind at all times
Attendance - on time to school and classes every day (unless extenuating circumstances)

Students receive a Student-of-the-Month certificate, a specially labeled bowling pin from AMF/Qubica, and gift certificates from GET-IT & GO and Stewart’s in recognition of their achievement.  All middle school students are eligible to be recommended as Students-of-the-Month. The Lowville Middle School staff and administration feel proud to work with these highly regarded students.

Operation Christmas Child

Once again this past November, students in English 8 participated in Operation Christmas Child - an international relief organization that provides supplies to children all over the world. Working in small groups, students packed their shoeboxes full of different items for a boy or girl from specific age groups.  Students collected items such as toothbrushes, Chap Stick, school supplies, soccer balls, and stuffed animals. Some groups even created friendship bracelets as a group and put one in the box for their child. Other groups took a group picture to put inside. The thoughtfulness of these students was truly inspirational.
Katelynn Baker, Matt Sweeney, Jack Rowsam, Logan Watson, Dylan Perkins, and Sean Kelly helped deliver these boxes to a nearby church. From there, the boxes traveled to a processing center and then shipped to Malawi and Honduras.
Thank you again to the Middle School Leadership Council for providing funds for tracking labels and Mrs. Carla Roes, retired high school secretary, for opening up the church for delivery during National Collection Week.

Christmas Extravaganza a Success
The 15th annual Christmas Extravaganza was held on December 20 in the Lowville Auditorium. This culminated a month of activities that had our students celebrating the spirit of “giving back” during the holiday season.             
Students and staff members participated in small fundraising activities held throughout the month of December.  The money was used to purchase gift cards for some of our local families along with making monetary donations to the local food pantry and the LACS Back Pack Program.  The annual Middle School food drive collected over 1,000 food items that were donated to the same two organizations.  Overall, the staff and students of Lowville Middle School had a successful month of taking part in the true meaning of Christmas.
The 6th graders won the honor of displaying the “Christmas Cheer Wreath” with their point total based on holiday spirit events during the month and their win at the X-mas Feud game at the show.  Congrats to the Class of 2026!
A new tradition was started this year with the presentation of the “Year Round X-mas Spirit” Award.  This award is given to a Lowville Middle School employee who consistently demonstrates holiday enthusiasm with thoughtfulness and helpfulness to students and staff.  This year’s recipient was Mrs. Bethany Gingerich.  Congratulations!
The Middle School Leadership Council, under the supervision of Mrs. Michelle Weiler, ran a raffle during the month in conjunction with a toy drive.  They were very successful as they were able to donate over $85 to the Lowville Food Pantry and collected over 300 toys for donations as well.  Council president, Kaylee Kloster, presented baskets of goodies to the raffle winners.
Many thanks to the following:  Lowville Lions Club for a generous monetary donation, Lowville 5th grade teachers and their students for contributing to both the food drive and making a monetary donation, Mrs. Suzanne Schwarting for her annual donation of pillows and pillow cases, and to the Extravaganza Committee:  Mr. Ted Bach, Mr. Matt Macaulay, Ms. Becky Tiffany, and Mrs. Courtney McCreadie. 

Order the Middle School Yearbook Now!
The Middle School Yearbooks are currently on sale. The cost for this year’s full color yearbook is $25.93 plus tax. Yearbooks can be purchased in one of three ways for your Middle School Student:
You can go to the Jostens (our yearbook publishing company) web site at <> and purchase the book online.
You can return the yearbook information form that Jostens has sent home by either mail or e-mail.
You can call Jostens at 1-877-767-5217 to place an order.

Only a few yearbooks will be available in May when they are delivered; please guarantee that your child has a yearbook by purchasing one now!

7th Grade Home & Careers Students Focus on U.S. Dietary Guidelines
For the past several weeks, most of your students’ Home & Career lessons in 7th grade have been focused around the U.S. Dietary Guidelines 2015-2020.
Our food labs this semester have included making a vegetable platter with a nutrient-dense low fat dip, banana bread with some modifications that helped meet the guidelines, egg cookery, and a new food lab this year making smoothies.

YEAH! Program Update
The YEAH! Program (Youth Empowerment and Health) offers a variety of activities and support services intended to help young people make the best choices for their active and changing lives.  During the past several years, one of the YEAH! Program’s especially exciting fitness-oriented offerings at Lowville Academy and Central School has been a traditional martial arts and personal safety program taught by Black Belt instructors of American Kang Duk Won Karate. 
American Kang Duk Won lessons have been taught to students in 3rd through 8th grade.  Participants in the lessons have also competed in tournaments, attended summer camps, accomplished belt promotion tests, and presented community safety demonstrations.  The disciplines that develop as a student consistently attends martial arts lessons soon become evident in the routines of his or her daily life!
Any student interested in joining is welcome to start at any time.  Please contact Carlie Watson for an application at <> or 315-376-9010.

Assistant Principal:
Mr. Brian Hanselman
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