It is so nice to see the community rally together both in good times and in difficult times.  This is prevalent in our small community located in the center of Lewis County.  Through teachings at home and in school, our students continue to support each other on a daily basis.  It’s the unwritten curriculum at Lowville Academy.  There’s not a test score or a performance level tied to it . . . you just know it when you see it.
On a broad spectrum, the outpouring of support for our student athletes has been a constant for many years.  We’ve been fortunate to put together many successful teams that have brought home league titles, Sectional championships and individual competitors who have garnered State titles.  Those are the easy ones to rally behind as a community, but we’ve also been as supportive when wins were not so plentiful . . . we cheer because we are Raiders!
When individuals or families have been stricken with illness, loss of home, or loss of a loved one we have been and will be there.  Our students, your children, are always asking, “What can I do?”  “What can we do?”  They’ve offered help at benefit dinners, organized food and clothing drives, and continue to give money without hesitation. 
Why do they do this?  They do this because this is what they’ve learned through your gracious gestures and acts of kindness.
As we enter the holiday season, I pause to reflect on what a special place Lowville is to all of us.
Happy Holidays,

Brian E. Finn
High School Principal

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Related Files
Happy Holidays to All
Holiday Recess
December 25 - January 1
Classes Resume
Tuesday, January 2

Area All State Band

Congratulations to the following students on their selection to participate in the 2017 Area All State Music Festival.  In the Area All State Band:  Audrey Clements (Clarinet), Jeremy Dening (Bass Clarinet), and Taylor Haggerty (Trumpet).  These highly selective ensembles performed at Indian River High School on Saturday, November 18.
Area All State ensembles are made up of extremely talented high school students from throughout Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties.  These ensembles are very competitive and selection is based on outstanding and advanced level NYSSMA scores, director recommendations, and student motivation. 
Congratulations to our fine musicians.

Area All State Chorus

The music department at Lowville Academy had outstanding representation in the 2017 Area All State Chorus.  The 18 students selected were able to join with other students from St. Lawrence, Jefferson and Lewis county schools to perform in a concert at Indian River High School on November 18. The chorus consisted of 155 students chosen from 260 applications that were submitted. Students are chosen based on their NYSSMA score and high standing in their local school choir.

Congratulations to these students on their hard work and outstanding participation this year at Area All State.

High School Jazz Ensemble

Congratulations to Anna Western (trombone) on her acceptance into the 2017 Jefferson-Lewis Bi-County Jazz Ensemble. Anna traveled to Watertown High School in September and auditioned with over 40 other students from Jefferson and Lewis County schools. Only 24 students were chosen to be in the jazz ensemble this year. Anna rehearsed on November 3 and then performed in a concert at Thousand Islands Central School on November 4. Congratulations to Anna on her outstanding achievement!

First Quarter Report
Cards Bring Success

Congratulations to all of Lowville Academy's first quarter Merit, Honor, and High Honor Roll students!  First quarter report cards were distributed November 9.  Two hundred and forty nine students made one of the three honor rolls.  This is the result of hard work by students, parents, and faculty alike.

HIGH HONOR ROLL (95 - 100)

Grade 9:  Emma Corbett, Angelica DeGuardia, Emma Dening, Erik Gronowski, Jr., Gregory Haggerty, Aidan Macaulay, Gavin Macaulay, Nicolas Sawler, Joseph Truax Jr., Kathryn Tuttle, Sydney VanNest, Barbara Vaquero, Charlie Virkler, Anna Western, Hugo Zabielowicz, Aidan Zehr and Alex Zubrzycki

Grade 10:  Morgan Aubel, Chloe Beehm, Jared Beyer, Alyssa Brower, Sydney Brown, Aaron Coffin, Marlee Fowler, Gabriella Frappier, Hannah Freeman, Nicole Freeman, Matthew Garrison, Mia Green, Charlotte Hammock, Bryanna Hoppel, Jonathan Lehmann, Briona Mahoney, Matthew McIntosh, Kirstin Moshier, Cooper Myers, Cassandra Neddo, Brandon Phelps, Rachel Van Buren, Elizabeth Western, Anna Wood and Sara Wood

Grade 11:  May Buckingham, Joel Cavanagh, Jeremy Dening, Brianna Finn, Sarah Haggett, Emma Hellinger, Jordynn Hellinger, Sarah Hurley, Tanaboon Jityangyuen, Micah Kelly, Maryam Kirch, Shayna Laribee, Emily Lyndaker, Daniel Mayer, Anna Metzler, Madison Nortz, Melissa Nortz, Jenna Ortlieb, Ryan Reed, Abigail Rockwood, Martha Roes, Marte Rustad, Tess Smith, Hattie Steele, MaKenna Thisse, Alex Thomas, Brett Tiffany, Janelle Valentine, Hudson White and Bailey Zicari

Grade 12:
Lydia Beyer, Hannah Bonbrest, Audrey Clements, Kyra Hardy, Sierra Laribee, Matthew Lehman, Teryn McClelland, Michael Peebles, McKenna Souva, Joshua Sponaugle, Jennifer Steele, Rebekah Widrick, Collin Zehr and Zachary Zubrzycki

HONOR ROLL (90 - 94)

Grade 9: Kelsey Beyer, Brian Burns, Mandy Cavanagh, Cydnie Clark, Alissa Cornell, Alexis Dekin, Trinity Hills, Courtney Kafline, Isabelle Lovenduski, Mae Munch, Alexander Papineau, Solomon Rosner, Katelyn Sellick, Tate Smith, Natalie Thomas, Madison Uhlinger, Delia Wilton and Aidan Wolf

Grade 10:  Mason Anderson, Chad Bach, Ariana Beller, Katie Cecconi, Elizabeth Compo, George Cornell II, Ashley Eves, Nicholas Franchini, Colton Friedersdorf, Alisha Hardy, Kendyl Hardy, Nicholas Houppert, Garrett Jones, Abigail Kaban Hannah Kelly, Abygayl Lee, Danielle Lehman, Isaac Lyndaker, Hannah Martin, Colin McManus, Brett Myers, Peyton Myers, Romeyn Noftsier, Micah Roes and Dylan Shaw

Grade 11:  Jordan Bergen, Madison Bodle, Cierra Cannan, Dillon Christman, Leslie Damuth, Alyssa Hamburg, Madison Hellinger, Ashton Houppert, Madeline Lehman, Chase Lyndaker, Elizabeth Mallette, Leanna McDonald, Karigan Milot, Kaylee Nortz, Kendra Peebles, Erin Shelton, Bronson Shultz, Caroline St. Croix, Noah Stoddard, Jessica Willis and Melika Zehr

Grade 12:  Cassidy Buchman, Angelina Burgy, Gianna Carbonaro, Kaitlynn Coates, Rachel Curry, Haley Dekin, Jacob Duncan, Margaret Fayle, Makayla Franks, Taylor Haggerty, Noelle McCall, Felix McCue, Cierra McGrath, Dawson Mead, Brent Millard, Tyler Rook, Ryan Sauer, Brenden Sawler, Madison Smith, Brittany Snyder, Richard Sullivan, Rachel Sweeney, Lauryn Tabolt, Athena Thomas, Danielle Thomas, Storm Turck and Eli Wood

MERIT ROLL (85 - 89)

Grade 9:  Craig Boshane, Jacob Brown, Trenten Dosztan, Carl Hoppel, Colt Lyndaker, Kadyn Miller, Clarissa Moshier, Lucas Noftsier, Deon Rollock, Connor Waryasz and Kaitlyn Widrick

Grade 10Gabriel Brown, Kaylynn Carver, Gavin Cherry, Emmadean Hanson, Alliston Hobbs, Cassandra Jacobsen, Caleb Judd, Samantha Kennedy, Damon Krop, John McCollum, Connor Nicol, Alyssa O’Connor, Zoe Ouellette, Courtney Schneider and Alexia Wilmot

Grade 11Aliegha Allen, Masie Allen, Brittany Beyer, Jason Beyer, Alexander Caterham, Jedidiah Denney, Gabrielle Hanno, Jared Houppert, Kaleb Jones, Casey Kloster, Emily Kogut, Elizabeth LaClaire, Jacob Martin, Emilee Muncy, Joshua Myers, Kristian Papineau, Kane Richards, Gabriel Rivers, Hanna Sellick, Dylan Smith, Kaylee Tabolt, Sophia Virkler, Manuel Viveiros, Casey Woods, Jeron Woolschlager, Nolan Yancey and Maria Young

Grade 12:  Jacen Baldwin, Sapphire Christopher, Haley Cole, Erica Eaton, Maddison Hardy, Elana Hoppel, Mackenzie Judd, Ivory Mathieu, Creigh Myers, Jacob Phinney, Brandon Prusinowski, Sabryne Russell, Wyatt Scoville, Andrew Turck, Ernie Unger, Paige Ward, Noah Watson, Ally Wener and Balen Wolf

Perfect Attendance
First Quarter

Congratulations to the following students who attained perfect attendance for the first quarter marking period of the 2017-2018 school year.

9th Grade:  Isaac Allen, Benjamin Burgy, Brian Burns, Mandy Cavanagh, Anthony Chartrand, Ty Davis, Angelica DeGuardia, Emma Dening, Tyler Dubach, Riley Farnsworth, Skyler Gibbs, Gregory Haggerty, Trinity Hills, Collin Hulbert, Nicholas Jones, Courtney Kafline, Isabelle Lovenduski, Aidan Macaulay, Gavin Macaulay, Johnathan McGrath, Kadyn Miller, Gavin Moyer, Peyton Munger, Lucas Noftsier, Alexander Papineau, Deon Rollock, Nicolas Sawler, Katelyn Sellick, Tate Smith, Natalie Thomas, Joseph Truax, Sydney VanNest, Barbara Vaquero, Charlie Virkler, Rossell Wells, Anna Western, Kaitlyn Widrick, Delia Wilton, Aidan Wolf, Hugo Zabielowicz, Aidan Zehr and Alex Zubrzycki

10th Grade:  Mason Anderson, Chad Bach, Chloe Beehm, Abigail Bender, Jared Beyer, Alyssa Brower, Sydney Brown, Kaylynn Carver, Samuel Clark, Aaron Coffin, Elizabeth Compo, George Cornell, Devon Delles, Garrett Fitzgerald, Gabriella Frappier, Hannah Freeman, Matthew Garrison, Nicholas Gingerich, Mia Green, Ethan Hall, Alisha Hardy, Kendyl Hardy, Bryanna Hoppel, Nicholas Houppert, Garrett Jones, Julia Jones, Caleb Judd, Hannah Kelly, Damon Krop, Briona Mahoney, Hannah Martin, Matthew McIntosh, Colin McManus, Cody Menard, Kirstin Moshier, Brett Myers, Cooper Myers, Peyton Myers, Romeyn Noftsier, Jared Ortlieb, Brandon Phelps, Klane Russell, Bruce Wallace, Race Walsemann, Elizabeth Western, James Wilder, Anna Wood, Sara Wood and  Erica Zehr

11th Grade:  Shauntel Bakker, Brittany Beyer, Kora Bond, Kyleigh Brandal, Cordell Brouty, Joel Cavanagh, Matthew Clark, Leslie Damuth, Kendra Delles, Jedidiah Denney, Dylan Farr, Austin Goodheart, Sarah Haggett, Alyssa Hamburg, Gabrielle Hanno, Emma Hellinger, Ashton Houppert, Jared Houppert, Sarah Hurley, Tanaboon Jityangyuen, Micah Kelly, Maryam Kirch, Emily Kogut, Shayna Laribee, Chase Lyndaker, Emily Lyndaker, Elizabeth Mallette, Jacob Martin, Daniel Mayer, Leanna McDonald, Anna Metzler, Karigan Milot, Joshua Myers, Kaylee Nortz, Madison Nortz, Melissa Nortz, Jenna Ortlieb, Kristian Papineau, Kendra Peebles, Ryan Reed, Gabriel Rivers, Abigail Rockwood, Martha Roes, Marte Rustad, Hanna Sellick, Erin Shelton, Dylan Smith, Tess Smith, Caroline St. Croix, Noah Stoddard, MaKenna Thisse, Alex Thomas, Brett Tiffany, Manuel Viveiros, Hudson White, Casey Woods, Nolan Yancey, Maria Young, Melika Zehr and Bailey Zicari

12th Grade:  Jacen Baldwin, Lydia Beyer, Ty Breen, Cole, Brooker, Nicholas Brooks, Keitha Brown, Angelina Burgy, Sapphire Christopher, Audrey Clements, Haley Cole, Michael Compo, Rachel Curry, Haley Dekin, Jacob Duncan, Lindsay Gebo, Daniel Goodheart, Taylor Haggerty, Kyra Hardy, Maddison Hardy, Elana Hoppel, Eric Iseneker, Phoebe Jantzi, Mackenzie Judd, Ryan Kelley, Zachary Kelley, Aryanne King, Sierra Laribee, Matthew Lehman, Logan Levakis, Teryn McClelland, Larry Mellnitz, Brent Millard, Creigh Myers, Michael Peebles, Jacob Phinney, Brandon Prusinowski, Tyler Rook, Sabryne Russell, Brenden Sawler, Wyatt Scoville, Madison Smith, Brittany Snyder, McKenna Souva, Joshua Sponaugle, Jennifer Steele, Kilian Stillman, Storm Turck, Kirsten Tuttle, Ernie Unger, Rebecca Vinson, Rebekah Widrick, Balen Wolf, Eli Wood, Collin Zehr and Zachary Zubrzycki

Second Quarter Concludes
Tuesday, January 23

The end of the fall semester is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23, 2018.  Second quarter report cards will be distributed to students in homeroom on Friday, February 2. The spring semester and all third quarter classes will begin on Wednesday, January 24.  The third quarter concludes in the early spring on Tuesday, April 3.

Congratulations Audrey!

Senior Audrey Clements headed to Ithaca College to compete in the New York State Diving competition on November 17.  In her final week of diving competition for Lowville Academy, Audrey broke all four 17-year-old diving records previously held by Mackenzie Peebles.  She also broke her own Frontier League diving record and scored 458.15 points at the Frontier League Diving Championship meet to qualify for the State competition. Audrey is the 2017 Section III Class C Diving Champion and she was awarded "Swimmer of the Year" honors as voted by the Section III Class C coaches.  All are incredible accomplishments!

Audrey, the daughter of Connie and Robert Clements, has been diving since 7th grade.  Her training is an intense combination of competition gymnastics at Joan’s School of Gymnastics during the off-season and then diving for the Lowville Girls Varsity Swim and Dive team.  Throughout her high school career, she has attended several diving camps and, along with her incredible work ethic, Audrey has been able to hone her skills and become the champion that she is!  She is also an amazing swimmer, posting the team’s fastest 50-yard freestyle time and is a major contributor to Lowville’s very successful 200- and 400-yard freestyle relay teams.

Congratulations to champion diver Audrey Clements!

Order Your
2018 Lowacadian

Purchase your 2018 Lowacadian today by going onto HYPERLINK ""! If you order online before February 26, the pre-order price is $48.00 plus 8% sales tax. Personalization can ONLY be done during pre-order sales. There will only be a very limited number of yearbooks for purchase for $50 plus tax available in May.  Your student has been given a flier at school as a reminder with all of this information.  Please contact Mrs. Victoria Myers at HYPERLINK "" or call 31
5-376-9015 if you have any additional questions.

Business Club Off and Running

The High School Business Club has been busy this fall electing officers and planning their activities for the year.  Mrs. Kozin, Advisor, would like to congratulate the following students for being elected officers for the club:  President - Junior Melika Zehr; Vice President - Junior Erin Shelton; Secretary - Senior Matthew Lehman; Club Treasurer - Junior Shantel Bakker; School Store Treasurer - Junior Libby LaClaire.  The officers have been meeting on Mondays to plan out their four goal areas of education, community service, social activities, and fundraising.  The officers have also been talking with other members about their end-of-the year trip.  All members are hoping for a fun and successful school year.

Spanish Classes Celebrate
The Day Of The Dead

El Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a special holiday celebrated November 1 and 2 in Mexico. This holiday’s traditions are a mixture of the Aztec and Christian beliefs centered around All Saint’s Day. This is a revered time in Mexico where friends and family honor the memories of their deceased by creating altars in their homes, visiting the cemetery, and enjoying special foods.

In Spanish class, students enjoyed the homemade bread, “pan de muerto,” made by Ms. Lorentzsen. Several students from Levels III, IV and V prepared specialty items including pan de muerto, Mexican desserts, hot chocolate, and other dishes from Mexico. Pictured here are members of the Spanish III, IV and V classes. “Día de los Muertos” is a special Latin American holiday whose focus on remembrance and celebration resonates throughout the world.

High School Art Club
Is Hard At Work!

For the third consecutive year, the Art Club made around 600 pink ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October. This was the 4th annual pink ribbon event in which all high school students and LACS faculty and staff were given a pink ribbon to wear. That’s not all that the Art Club did in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The Art Club painted 4 MORE large plywood ribbons for a total of 8 that were displayed on the front lawn for the month of October. A great deal of hard word from dedicated students helped to transform the front lawn. We would like to say a huge “Thank you” to Steele’s Ace Hardware and Maple Ridge Building Supply for donating more plywood this year!

The Art Club and entire Art Department would like to thank you all for the continued support! We are so thankful to be a part of such a great community.

Selected By Football Foundation

Lowville Senior Jacob Duncan attended the Central New York Chapter of The National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Annual Scholar-Athlete Awards Banquet at Turning Stone Resort and Casino on January 28, 2018.  The banquet recognized high school student-athletes from the Central New York area.  Jacob received a $500 CNY Chapter Scholarship.

Congratulations to Jacob!

Kennedy Duncan (brother), Jacob Duncan, and parents Mrs. Angel Duncan and Mr. Kenneth Duncan

Enter to Learn... Go Forth To Serve
Lowville Academy
and Central School