17th Annual Walk for Health

Students in grades 1-8 will participate in the annual Walk for Health with the Middle School on Friday, June 14.  We will
walk through town to kick off a summer initiative of walking and fitness.  Parents are invited to participate in the Walk for
Health.  The walk will start and end on our turf field once again this year.  More details will be sent home at a later date.

Moving Up to Middle School -
Congratulations 5th Graders!
On Friday, June 21, at 1:00 p.m., 5th grade students will participate in a very special event.  They will celebrate the
completion of their elementary school years with a “Moving Up” ceremony. 
We will gather in the auditorium for a program that acknowledges positive attitudes developed during the elementary
school years. Student speakers representing each 5th grade classroom will present the audience with some quotations
that have inspired them and express what they mean to them.  Attendance certificates, citizenship awards, and
certificates of promotion will be distributed.
Parents and family members are invited to attend this ceremony, which will be immediately followed by a reception in
the elementary cafeteria. Congratulations to our 5th graders!  Good luck in Middle School.
Summer School 2019

We are pleased to inform you that we will once again be offering summer programs this year. The elementary summer
school will be held Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 19, with classes running Monday through Friday mornings.  The
last day of summer school will be Friday, July 19.  The hours of classes will be from 8:40-11:40 each day.  The following
programs will be offered:

Program Target Group
Jump Start (Kindergarten Readiness) Incoming Kindergarten
Reading and Math Grade 1 K into Grade 1
Primary Reading Support Students under the Committee of Special Education
Reading and Math Grade 2 Grade 1 into 2
Reading and Math Grade 3 Grade 2 into 3
Reading and Math Grade 4 Grade 3 into 4
Reading and Math Grade 5 Grade 4 into 5
Science Enrichment Grade 3 into 4
Students were identified for each program and invitations were mailed home on May 17.  If you would like to enroll your
child in a summer school program, please call the Elementary Office at 376-9005.

Summer Science
Crime Scene Investigation

This year, “Science is Exploration and Discovery” will feature a one-week program centered on Crime Scene
Investigation.  Classroom explorations will include hands-on activities focused on using the various areas of Science to
“solve crimes.”
When: July 8-12 (8:30-11:30) in the Elementary School
Register: by picking up a registration form from Mrs. Rubenzahl
Space is limited to the first 25 registrants with signed forms.  Priority will be given to students not enrolled in

another summer program.

What Will I Do Over
Summer Vacation

Everyone is familiar with the classic beginning-of-the-school-year assignment, “What I Did Over My Summer Vacation.” 
Here are some tips to help prepare your child for that essay.
Your child should have a daily “to do” list, much like many adults have.  Tasks can be basic, such as reading two
chapters of a book, completing a household chore, etc., but give your child some direction for the day.
As an important member of your family, your child can complete jobs around the house.  Leave a list each morning
of expectations.
In order to maintain reading and writing skills, create a summer reading list with your child.  Elementary students will
bring home a packet at the end of the year with an age-appropriate book list and activities.
Children may enjoy keeping a journal, especially to document a family trip.  They may find it interesting to take their
own photographs, which can be included in the journal.
If you give your child an allowance, consider having them keep a checkbook-type ledger in order to sharpen their
math skills.  This can also help them to become more aware of their spending and saving habits, which is an
important skill for adulthood.
If your child is interested in sports, encourage them to keep track of the statistics for their favorite team and player. 
If a player is close to setting a record, have your child keep track of their progress.
The kitchen is a great place for children to practice reading, math, and life skills.  Encourage your child to plan a
meal for your family, and provide assistance as needed in making the meal.
Without the academic demands of school, summer is a great time for your child to be creative.  Stock your home
with crayons, glue, paper, etc., and allow your child to create.  Also, check out opportunities for creativity at your
local library.  Libraries often offer summer programs that combine reading and imagination.
Allow your child to plan a family trip (this could include a hike, a visit with family members, fishing, visit to the beach,
or anything else that fits into your family budget).  This could involve researching activities, reading a map, and
practicing math skills (calculating gas and toll costs, for example).

Best wishes for a safe and happy summer vacation!
~ Colleen Henegan and Jill Ortlieb
School Psychologists

Dear Parents and Community Members,
We have many special events planned for our students as we enter the final month of school.  Students are busy with field trips, class picnics, the Walk for Health, the Jr. Olympics, Pre-K graduation, Moving Up Day and other special events.  These events are a nice culmination to a busy year.  I would like to thank you for your participation in the events we have already hosted this year.  It was great to see you at concerts, the art show, plays, Family Reading Night, parent-teacher conferences, Family Math and Sports Night, and other events.  It is also wonderful to know we have parental support at home, looking over homework and checking daily and weekly communications from school.
Thank you to all parents and community members for your support of our students, staff, and programs throughout the 2018-2019 school year.  We truly appreciate the partnership we have with our wonderful community.  I have enjoyed watching our students challenge themselves and learn and grow throughout the year.  We love when you share these  moments with us.

Please take time to read with your child over the summer months.  We invite your child to participate in our summer reading challenge.  In addition, there are many programs available to students throughout the summer months.  We are pleased to offer a summer school program, summer science program, the Super Stage program, as well as hosting the summer recreation program that is offered by the Village of Lowville.  Please be looking for the specifics about these programs in information your child brings home from school.  
Children should also be encouraged to get outside and play during the summer.  Free play is very important.  I do hope you spend family time together this summer having fun.  I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!


Philomena B. Goss
Elementary Principal
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