School Dismissal Change

Just a friendly reminder - it is best when you make dismissal plans as consistent as possible.  Please discuss any
changes with your child before he/she departs in the morning from home.  We do request all transportation changes are
received in writing.  In the rare event of an emergency, we can accept phone calls.  Also, if you are picking a child up at
dismissal, we kindly ask you do not arrive before 5 minutes before dismissal.

         Elementary Yearbook 2017

The Elementary Yearbook Pre-Sale will be held in January 2017.  Please look for more information to come closer to
the pre-sale date.

Digital Library Resources

The Lowville Elementary School Library has purchased a number of online database and encyclopedia subscriptions for
student use. PebbleGo is a research database geared especially for young children in PreK through Grade 2. It pairs
factual information with pictures about topics such as animals, earth, space, famous people, US symbols, landmarks
and SO much more. PebbleGo also reads entire articles to the youngster! Worldbook is an online encyclopedia that
offers three different levels: Early World, Kids, and Students. CultureGrams provides information about all of the United
States and countries around the world. TumbleBooks is an interactive library of picture books. Click the book and it
comes to life for your child! If you have internet access at home, these resources are available to you. Just use these
usernames and password.

PebbleGo - username: lcs  AND  password: school
WorldBook - username: lowville AND password: lowville
CultureGrams - username: 84-81675 AND password: bigchalk

Lowville Kindergarten Gets a Visit from “Buster the Bus”
During the week of October 3, the Lowville Kindergarten classes enjoyed a visit from Buster the Bus.  Buster is an
automated school bus (small scale) that interacts with the students giving helpful safety information to the children. 
Buster was accompanied by Astrid Brislan, the Jefferson/Lewis BOCES Safety Trainer, who helped Buster as he
interacted with the students.  As always, Buster was able to give the students important safety information in a fun and
interactive way.  Thank you Buster!!

Where Does Your Garbage Go?

Ask any third grader at LACS and they can tell you.  On October 7, the students visited the Development Authority of
the North Country’s Sold Waste Management Facility in Rodman, NY.  Here students witnessed where their waste
goes and learned about the importance of protecting our natural resources.

Students were amazed to see firsthand the large trucks that work at the landfill, especially the ones with huge, metal-
spiked wheels.  They continued to be impressed by the size of the “mountain of trash” that is our landfill.  They also
learned about the trash fences (with deer doors), the leachate monitoring systems, and the methane-burning

Following the visit within the landfill, the students were able to enjoy walking trails maintained by the Development of the
North Country.  The walking trail and nature hike gave us a first-hand experience and appreciation that the beauty of the
area is still intact while our garbage is taken care of.  Visiting these facilities was a great learning experience that
solidified the value of protecting our natural resources through reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Pee Wee Lacrosse
                                        w/ pic
Congratulations to all the students who recently participated in the Lowville Pee Wee Lacrosse Program.  The program
had over 50 participants ranging from first grade to sixth grade.  The players worked on some of the basic skills involved
in the game of lacrosse like passing, catching, shooting, and ground balls.  They were also able to play in some
practice games.  Special thanks to LACS varsity team captain Andre Young for taking a leadership role in guiding our
younger players.  Pee Wee Lacrosse participants were:  first graders Carter Bacon, Ty Dunckel, and Lennon Ortlieb;
second graders Charles Baker, Hailey-Kaylyn Gardner, Carson Kempney, Remy Kimball, Nicholas Madore, Jack
Metzler, Alyssa Millard, Halle Miller, Grace Montalvo, Ethan Myers, Carl Petzoldt, and Will Vokey; third graders Ian
Dunckel, Carter Fowler, Brayden Gillette, Ian Granger, Mya Lehman, Eli McCue, Dylan Rhubart, Chase Robbins, Caden
Tanner, Aydin Waugh, and Joshua Weiler; fourth graders Henry Goss, Lucas Hall, Ethan Hansen, David Hosler, Cody
Kempney, Curtis Kimball, Levi Mariano-Brockway, Thomas McCue, Adyson McFaul, Zane Metzler, Charlee Pike,
Brooklynn Pinkham, Aidan Pominville, Lucas Suiter, Brian Thomas, and Logan Yarina; fifth graders Damien Alfano,
Samantha Freeman, Lane Lovenduski, Espen Matuszczak, Caden Miller, and Jack Rowsam; sixth graders Dylan
Barber, Lucas Chartrand, Jonah Flansburg, Colin Kempney, Tanner Millard, Dalton Myers, and Colin O’Brien.  Thank
you all for your participation!  We hope to see you on the lacrosse field again in the future!

From the Grades K-2
Physical Education Staff

PLEASE remind your child to bring sneakers to school every day.  Students need sneakers four days out of the six day
cycle.  Because of safety concerns, we do not allow students to play in physical education while wearing dress shoes,
flip flops, clogs, heels, winter boots, etc.  We love to see your child moving and learning life-long physical activity skills
and watching from the sidelines is no fun for them!  Thanks for taking this opportunity to make your child successful.

Dress Warmly

Please be sure to dress your elementary student warmly during the winter months.  During the day, children should
have on long sleeves and/or sweaters, and tights if they’re wearing a dress or skirt.  For recess time, children will need
warm jackets, boots, snow pants, hats, and mittens.  We do go outside for recess in the winter unless the temperature
is below 10°.  We appreciate your cooperation with this issue.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately
when he/she leaves in the morning. 

Family Holiday Survival Tips!

With the holidays fast approaching, families can easily become overwhelmed by all of the shopping, baking, traveling,
and other additions to the normal family routine.  Although it involves a lot of fun, too much fun can lead to stress!

Here are some tips on how to reduce stress during the holidays:
Make a list of all of the things that you and your family need to do.
Prioritize your list; feel free to cross out any activities that you feel are not necessary.
Remember to include special time for your immediate family.
Try to limit the amount of time spent with family members who tend to cause ill feelings.
When you must be around such a family member, try to steer the conversation away from unpleasant topics or
past fights.
Smile!  Try to remain positive even if you are feeling negative feelings inside.
Include specific games, activities, or toys for children in your gatherings.  Children cannot be expected to sit
quietly and listen to adult conversation.
Try to keep a schedule for your children.  Let them know what the plan is for the day and try to stick to it. 
If traveling, allow each child to bring a favorite toy or comfort item from home.
Don’t forget to include time for rest in everyone’s schedule!  This may include naps for younger children or quiet
time (reading, puzzles, quiet games) for older children.
If possible, keep your child’s normal bedtime consistent.
Enjoy this special, stressful time of the year and know that January is just around the corner!

Happy Holidays from Mrs. Ortlieb and Ms. Henegan
School Psychologists
Dear Parents,

December is a busy month with holiday concerts and events.  I wish you and your family the happiest of holiday seasons this year.  January will be here before we know it!  We will return from the busy holiday season and then we will soon conclude the second quarter.  We are hopeful that the winter weather does not upset our calendar this year!

The years pass us by so quickly and one reason why is our students are so busy!  Many students participate in activities beyond the classroom in the elementary school.  Different opportunities are offered to students at different grade levels.  Some include: participating in morning announcements; the morning open gym program; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities; Makerspace activities; student council; Community Service Club; Military Families Group; Odyssey of the Mind; band and chorus; many community sponsored activities such as scouts or athletics beyond the school day. It is fantastic for our students to be able to participate in such an outstanding academic program as well as these other activities beyond the classroom.  We appreciate all of the adults who take the time to spend this additional time with our students.  We believe in providing our students a childhood filled with opportunities.

As you can see, there is a great deal happening here every day.  We try to provide all students with a great school climate where they feel like they belong.  We are always striving to build school spirit.  One way our Parent Teacher Organization thought we could do this was to provide every student with a school shirt - and they did.  All students received a free shirt.  It is great to see so many worn to school and school activities.

Each student also has a chance to be presented to the school community for recognition on his/her birthday.  Students are introduced to their peers and visible in all classrooms on the Smart Board during announcements. 
This has been very popular with the staff and the students.  I continue to make this an interactive process for students.  It is great to see so many students involved in the morning program.  Students also hear about lunch, the weather, the month’s theme, a daily riddle and a challenge.  There are also times important individuals in our school community are introduced to students.  This has been a great way to do announcements, and we hope to continue with this program.

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help build the partnership between home and school for you.  I thoroughly enjoy working with the children in the community and look forward to watching them learn and grow at school each day.


Philomena B. Goss
Elementary Principal

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Deb Domagala
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